On the bright side

As my niece, 3-year-old McKell, came out of Primary one Sunday, she ran up to her daddy and excitedly handed him a picture. As Daddy tried to decipher what the picture was, McKell patiently waited while sucking her thumb.

"What is your picture about?" asked daddy. Mckell didn't say a word. "McKell, this looks like a boat. Is this a boat?" Without saying anything she nodded her head up and down. "Why Mckell, these look like animals, am I right?" Once again she agreed with a nod. Daddy said, "Well, if I'm not mistaken, this must be a picture about Noah's ark." Once again, McKell just nodded her approvement.In a last-ditch effort to get McKell to discuss her Primary lesson, Daddy said, "McKell, what happened to all the people who wouldn't get on Noah's boat?" With a "pop" of her thumb coming out of her mouth, McKell casually said, "Sharks!"

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