Speakers address nine topics of new testament at symposium

About 900 people from the Salt Lake City area gathered Feb. 11 for a New Testament Symposium at the LDS institute of religion adjacent to the University of Utah campus.

During the day, five speakers gave talks on nine topics ranging from hints and suggestions for studying the New Testament to the epistles of the Apostle Paul and "Taking Jesus into Your Life." The speakers were representatives of BYU and Church headquarters.Frank Santiago, director of Continuing Education for Northern Utah for the Church Educational System, said: "It's been a wonderful, spiritual experience. Our hope is that we can provide some additional information for members' study of the New Testament."

Similar New Testament symposiums were held this month in Logan and Ogden, Utah.

Brother Santiago told the Church News that response to the symposiums over the years has been "wonderful. We send a mailer to our mailing list and within a week after registrations start coming in. A lot of people come to all of them."

On these pages are excerpts taken from several of the addressess.

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