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25 years ago

The Mormon Pavilion at Expo '70 in Osaka, Japan, was dedicated March 13, 1970, according to the March 14, 1970, issue of the Church News.

"In the timetable of the Lord, the door is now open and this is apparently the time for the work in Asia," said Elder Ezra Taft Benson at the dedication. "The work is expanding, and further expansion is in the offing. In each of the countries, the tremendous growth is an inspiration."

Participating in the dedication with Elder Benson were Elder Hugh B. Brown and Elder Gordon B. Hinckley of the Council of the Twelve, and Elder Bernard P. Brockbank, an Assistant to the Twelve.

Elder Brown offered the dedicatory prayer on the pavilion, which carried the theme "Man's Search for Happiness." Elder Hinckley spoke about the building's purpose.

"We are here today," he said, "to dedicate this pavilion as an instrument to acquaint all who come here with the gospel, which proclaims that man is a child of God, that life is purposeful, and that the search for happiness can be fruitful and the rewards thereof eternal."

Elder Hinckley noted that there were many "who struggled so hard and worked so faithfully to build the Church to its present stature in Japan" who would have enjoyed participating in the dedicatory services.

Quote from the past

"It is my conviction that there is perhaps no single factor more important in a spiritual home and in building spiritual strength in our children than the teaching and practice of prayer." - Belle S. Spafford, Relief Society general president, April 1945-October 1974, Women in Today's World, p. 28

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