Temple moments: A teenager's quest

Seth Hill, 15, has one of the largest family files in the Idaho Falls Temple and often does temple work for those ancestors whose names he has submitted. Seth, a son of Kent and Pat Hill of the Highland 2nd Ward, Pocatello Idaho Highland Stake, began doing family history and temple work about two years ago, influenced by what his late grandfather, Walter C. Davis, had done in those areas.

Seth has only slight recollections of his grandfather. His grandfather died when Seth was 3.About two years ago, Seth asked his grandmother about his progenitors. She responded by showing him records compiled by his grandfather. Seth thumbed through a folder of records that had been submitted for temple work a decade earlier. The names had been submitted under the requirements of that era, and had been returned for more information. Due to his grandfather's death, the names remained untouched for 10 years. Seth's grandmother encouraged the young man to take up where his grandfather had stopped. So Seth re-submitted the names under the current guidelines, and the names were accepted.

For Seth, this was a beginning, not a completion. He felt a wonderful sense of accomplishment, as well as a need to do more, he said.

After the names were cleared, he traveled to the Idaho Falls Temple where he was baptized in behalf of those whose names he submitted. He encouraged his parents and other adult family members to do the remaining ordinance work for their departed ancestors.

"I have the feeling that they are glad the work is finally done," he reflected. His research efforts continued and he asked to be a specialist at the family history center and has continued to submit names and assist others in their research. He also organizes temple trips.

"I usually invite my good friend and a cousin, and my family and we

the youthT will do the baptisms while they do the sealings," he said.

"I've enjoyed it. I get a good feeling from it. And I want to say how supportive everyone has been," he said. The ward and stake leaders "have all really helped. Now my grandmother wants me to have all the family records and watch over them."

"Seth is corresponding with relatives we never knew," said his mother. "He has set a wonderful example for our family."

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