This week in Church history

50 years ago

In a letter addressed to all "Church officers," the First Presidency lifted war-time restrictions concerning "holding priesthood and auxiliary conventions," announced the July 21, 1945, issue of the Church News.

The letter noted that additional priesthood and auxiliary meetings could now be conducted "where any such meetings may be held without violating the restrictions regarding the use of gasoline and rubber, and where the holding of such meetings will not interfere with quarterly conferences or other regularly established meetings."

It explained that on Jan. 17, 1942, the First Presidency had "advised general boards of auxiliary organizations to discontinue the holding of monthly . . . meetings, institutes and conventions. Later the government itself placed a limitation upon assemblies throughout the entire country."

The suspension of those meetings had "made less effective direct contact of stake boards . . . with ward and branch officers and teachers, but placed greater responsibility upon the ward and branch organizations."

"We commend the local officers and teachers upon their willingness, ability and increased effort to guide and instruct the members of their respective organizations during this critical war-time period," said the First Presidency. "It is gratifying, indeed, to note how efficiently the quorums and auxiliary organizations have functioned notwithstanding the limitations and difficulties under which they have had to labor."

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