Temple moments: Friendship renewed

When Keun Hyuck Lee was called as president of the Pusan Tong Ku Branch in 1969, he had neither the Church handbooks nor curriculum available to him because they had not been translated into Korean. The limited resources in the branch made it extremely difficult for the new leader to do his work.

"Fortunately, I had an excellent helper whose name was Elder Kenneth Horner," said Pres. Lee, now president of the Seoul Korea Stake. "He helped me a great deal with my new calling. As a result of our working together, we saw much growth in the branch. I was very grateful for all the help he gave me and I grew to love him."After a period of time, Elder Horner was transferred to another area and I missed him very much. I never forgot the memorable days we had doing the Lord's work. A long time after he departed, I found that I did not have his address or his phone number. So I lost contact with him.

"In 1985, some 15 years later, I visited Salt Lake City to attend general conference. I was accompanied by several other Church leaders from Korea. At the time, I had the opportunity of being sealed with my wife in the Provo Temple. The other leaders had the opportunity to be sealed with their wives.

"The sealings were performed by Elder Yoshihiko Kikuchi. This sealing was a very spiritual and uplifting experience that had been long awaited."

After the sealings were performed, Pres. Lee sat in a foyer of the temple and reflected on the past. He remembered being president of the Pusan Tong Ku Branch and his association with Elder Horner.

"At that moment," he recalled, "I looked up and saw a brother approaching me. He asked, "Are you Brother Lee?' I replied, Yes, I am.' He then said,I am Brother Horner. I served in the Pusan Tong Ku Branch.' "

At first I did not recognize him because of the many years that had passed, but when I did realize who he was, my heart filled with joy."

Pres. Lee learned that the former missionary was then serving as bishop of the Mill Road Ward, Heber Utah East Stake.

"I was very delighted that my prayer had been answered. After 15 years of searching for my dear friend, I met him in the House of the Lord. Our reunion was truly a miracle."

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