Strengthening the bonds of marriage

  • Edward C. and Judy Cannon (Eureka, Calif.)

"Judy likes golf," Brother Cannon observed. "My opinion of golf is that I can't think of a better way to ruin a good walk. I like horses, and Judy is afraid of horses. So she loves to golf, and I have a bunch of horses. I have always felt that married people don't have to be clones of each other. But . . . we are best friends. It is good to come home from a crummy day and have your best friend there to share things with. It is nice to know that after the bloom of youth fades, you are with your best friend, and will be for eternity."

  • Michelle and David Nyberg (Fargo, N.D.)

"For us it took a lot of work to make our marriage successful. We came from very different backgrounds, and lifestyles were a challenge. . . . It is important to make your husband feel like the most important person in your life. It doesn't have to take money to do that. Sometimes I put a note in his briefcase. I do things for him that he likes that I don't particularly like. Behind every successful spouse is a supportive spouse."

  • Brett and Trisha Simpson (Plain City, Utah)

After a few weeks of marriage, Brother Simpson commented, "We want to have a great marriage, an eternal one. We try to go out on a date once a week. We try to have family home evening once a week, pray together as a family and attend Church. We try to communicate our feelings with each other openly, and to return to the temple once a month if we can."

  • Berta and LaMar Rader (Corinne, Utah)

Sister Rader explained: "After 49 years of marriage, we feel the gospel has helped us a lot. I think a successful marriage comes from communication. If you have problems, talk about them. . . ."My husband is losing his eyesight. You go through phases and you have to change with the phases. You definitely have to be flexible, or I don't think a marriage would work." The Raders are grandparents of Trisha Simpson.

  • Lou A. and Lynn Billedeaux (Miles City, Mont.)

Sister Billedeaux recalled: "In our interview before marriage, our stake president drew a triangle, with man and wife and Christ at each point. He said the closer we draw to Christ, the closer we draw to each other. We always try to talk things out. We try to have fun. We've been through a lot together - through some tough times. We feel like we have been successful because we have always been faithful to gospel principles."

  • Theodore Jr. and Gladys Yvonne Newkirk (Suitland, Va.)

Converts of seven years, the Newkirks feel the gospel is the foundation of "everything essential in our lives." Sister Newkirk said: "One important thing for any married couple is to remain close to Heavenly Father, and really, really trust in the Lord, not just in times of crises, but when your are happy and things are going well, too. It is always good to know that you trust the Lord enough to tell Him anything and everything. Teach your children to do the same thing."

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