1996 gospel doctrine study guide

The following questions are excerpted from the Suggested Reading Schedule and Scripture Study Guide for Sunday School Gospel Doctrine classes:

Lesson 1 - What are the main purposes of the Book of Mormon?Lesson 2 - (1 Ne. 1-7) What can we learn from Lehi and Nephi about obeying the Lord?

Lesson 3 - (1 Ne. 8-15) How can an understanding of Lehi's vision of the tree of life help you and your family?

Lesson 4 - (1 Ne. 16-22) What can we learn from the experiences of Lehi's people with the "ball of curious workmanship"?

Lesson 5 - (2 Ne. 1-5) What feelings and insights come as you read Lehi's teachings to Jacob about the Savior's redemption of mankind?

Lesson 6 - (2 Ne. 6-10) What does 2 Ne. 9 contribute to our understanding of God's plan for our salvation?

Lesson 7 - (2 Ne. 11-25) Which of Isaiah's teachings especially appealed to Nephi?

Lesson 8 - (2 Ne. 26-29) How are all people alike unto Christ?

Lesson 9 - (2 Ne. 30-33) How do God's children become His covenant people?

Lesson 10 - (Jacob 1-4) Why is it important that we be chaste?

Lesson 11 - (Jac. 5-7) Knowing that the master of the vineyard represents Jesus Christ, what insights can we gain about the Lord's involvement in the destiny of His children?

Lesson 12 - (Enos, Jarom, Omni, Words of Mormon) What can we learn about prayer from Enos? How can we pray more effectively?

Lesson 13 - (Mosiah 1-3) How can we help children develop a love for the scriptures and a desire to search them?

Lesson 14 - (Mosiah 4-6) How can we heed King Benjamin's admonition to care for the needy?

Lesson 15 - (Mosiah 7-13) Why were the people of Lehi-Nephi in bondage to the Lamanites for such a long time?

Lesson 16 - (Mosiah 14-17) What are your impressions of Abinadi's prophecy and testimony of the Savior?

Lesson 17 - (Mosiah 18-24) What requirements and commitments did Alma cite for those who are baptized?

Lesson 18 - (Mosiah 25-29) Why didn't many of the youth in Mosiah's time believe the words of King Benjamin?

Lesson 19 - (Alma 1-4) Compare the Nephites' response to prosperity in the second year of the reign of judges with their response to prosperity in the eighth year.

Lesson 20 - (Alma 5-8) How might we benefit from asking ourselves the challenging questions that Alma asked the Church members in Zarahemla?

Lesson 21 - (Alma 9-12) How did Amulek respond when Zeezrom asked how he knew that "there is a true and living God"?

Lesson 22 - (Alma 13-16) How do Alma's teachings about the high priesthood strengthen your faith in God?

Lesson 23 - (Alma 17-21) Why did King Mosiah's sons want to serve as missionaries to the Lamanites?

Lesson 24 - (Alma 22-29) What did Aaron teach Lamoni's father about how to prepare his heart to receive the Spirit?

Lesson 25 - (Alma 30-31) How are the accounts of Korihor and the apostate Zoramites valuable for us today?

Lesson 26 - (Alma 32-35) What did Alma teach the Zoramites about worshiping God?

Lesson 27 - (Alma 36-39) How did Alma learn to trust God?

Lesson 28 - (Alma 40-42) What did Alma teach will be restored to us in the Final Judgment?

Lesson 29 - (Alma 43-52) What impresses you about Captain Moroni?

Lesson 30 - (Alma 53-63) Why were Helaman's young warriors successful?

Lesson 31 - (Hel. 1-6) How can we appropriately fight evil in our own community and nation?

Lesson 32 - (Hel. 7-12) Why do many people seek the vain things of the world rather than the riches of eternity?

Lesson 33 - (Hel. 13-16) How might we today allow ourselves "to be led by foolish and blind guides"?

Lesson 34 - (3 Ne. 1-10) What does it mean to be a disciple of Jesus Christ?

Lesson 35 - (3 Ne. 11-14) How do you think you would have felt if you had been present when Jesus appeared to the people in ancient America?

Lesson 36 - (3 Ne. 15-19) What did Jesus mean when He taught that He had fulfilled the law of Moses?

Lesson 37 - (3 Ne. 20-26) What did Jesus teach about the gathering of Israel?

Lesson 38 - (3 Ne. 27-30; 4 Ne.) What did Jesus say constitutes His gospel?

Lesson 39 - (Morm. 1-6) How can we maintain our faith and personal righteousness?

Lesson 40 - (Morm. 7-9) What were Moroni's circumstances when he took over the records from his father, Mormon, after the final battle at Cumorah?

Lesson 41 - (Eth. 1-6) What can we learn from the story of the brother of Jared seeking the Lord's help to provide light in the barges?

Lesson 42 - (Eth. 7-15) Why do mortals have weaknesses?

Lesson 43 - (Moro. 1-9) What did Mormon teach about how we can discern good from evil?

Lesson 44 - (Moro. 10) How does Moroni's exhortation to "come unto Christ" reflect the entire message of the Book of Mormon?

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