Pres. Hinckley: 'The Book of Mormon is true'

There has come down a recollection of those great transcendent words which the Lord Jesus spoke to Martha. "I am the resurrection, and the life: he that believeth in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live. And

he thatT liveth and believeth in me shall never die." (John 11:25-26.) If that is not enough, there is another testament. This Book of Mormon . . . this scripture of the New World, is before us as an added witness of the divinity and the reality of the Lord Jesus Christ, of the encompassing beneficence of His atonement, and of His coming forth from the darkness of the grave. Within these covers is found much of the same sure word of prophecy concerning Him who should be born of a virgin, the Son of the Almighty God.

There is a foretelling of His work among men as a living mortal. There is a declaration of His death, of the Lamb without blemish who was to be sacrificed for the sins of the world. And there is an account that is moving and inspiring and true of the visit of the resurrected Christ among living men and women in this western world. This testimony is here to handle; it is here to be read; it is here to be pondered; it is here to be prayed over with a promise that he who prays shall know by the power of the Holy Ghost that it is true. - From St. Louis Missouri Regional Conference, April 16, 1995.

We all do a lot of studying, but most of us don't do much meditation. We don't take time to think. I'd like to suggest that next fast day . . . everybody in this hall set aside an hour or two. Sit by yourself. Go in the bedroom and lock the door. Go out in the yard under a tree. Go in your study if you have one and shut the door, and think about yourself and your worthiness. Read from this great book

Book of MormonT. . . . Read King Benjamin and then Mosiah. Read what he says and think about it, meditate on it. There's a great word that's used, "ponder."

"Ponder." What do we mean by "ponder"? Well, I think it simply means kind of quietly thinking things through. Ponder what you have read. Ponder your life. Are you worthy, are you living the commandments. . . ?

Joseph Smith couldn't have written the Book of Mormon. These people who wear out their lives trying to find some other cause for the coming forth of the Book of Mormon are doing just that - wearing out their lives. This is the word of God restored in this dispensation so that in the mouths of two or more witnesses the truth and validity of the divine Sonship of the Lord might be established. This is true. - From priesthood session, Boston Massachusetts Regional Conference, April 22, 1995.

We have a job to do. We have a lot of work to do and it's all concerned with improvement, with betterment, with making people better. As President

David O.T McKay used to say, "Of making bad men good and good men better." That's our job. To improve people. That's what these books are all about. The success and failures of people. That's the whole story of the Book of Mormon - of how, when they followed the teachings of Christ, they were prosperous and at peace. And when they turned from those teachings they found themselves in trouble, in war, in conflict, and eventually, annihilation. That's the whole story. - From Santa Rosa/Vacaville California Regional Conference, May 20, 1995.

I give you my testimony of this work. I know it is true. How do I know? I know by the whisperings of the Spirit that it is true. There are plenty of evidences for its truth. Physical evidences like this Book of Mormon. Joseph Smith did not write it. He could not have written it. He did not write it, he translated it by the gift of God. Anyone who reads it prayerfully will know as Moroni has promised that by the power of the Holy Ghost he or she will know the truth of it. - From missionary meeting, Alaska Anchorage Regional Conference, June 18, 1995.

It's a wonderful thing to read the Book of Mormon while you're young. It's a good thing for you mothers to read the Book of Mormon to your children. They won't understand all that you read to them, but they'll get a feeling for this wonderful book, this inspired book which touches the lives of people in a marvelous and miraculous way. I hope you are reading to your children, out loud. That's much better than watching television, much better. They won't get very much out of television except some bad thoughts. They will get good thoughts as you mothers read to them. And you will watch your children grow in faith and faithfulness as you do so. . . .

I know that the Book of Mormon is true. I know that Joseph Smith could not have written that book of his own capacity. Five hundred and twenty-two pages translated in a short time. I've had some experience in writing. I know what a burdensome, difficult thing it is. He couldn't have done it. All of the sections of the Doctrine and Covenants and the Pearl of Great Price, the Documentary History of the Church - absolutely beyond his natural capacity or his educational level. He wrote under the inspiration of the Almighty. He translated by the gift and power of God. I know that the priesthood is here. I know that. I know that revelation is upon the earth this day. - From Ketchikan (Alaska) District Fireside, June 22, 1995.

The Book of Mormon is true. It carries with it the power of conversion. I believe that, I know it. - From Mission President's Seminar, June 24, 1995.

The Book of Mormon stands as a witness to the world of the reality and divinity of the Son of God. We are partakers of these marvelous blessings. -From Jackson, Wyo., combined wards sacrament meeting, July 16, 1995.

God be thanked for the knowledge which we have in our hearts. You have that knowledge as certainly as I have. If you don't have it, you can get it. Anyone who will seek in faith can obtain that knowledge. Anyone, I am satisfied, who will read the Book of Mormon, will have a fulfillment of the promise of Moroni, if he will read in faith, seeking the word of the Lord, the confirmation of the work, the confirmation of the Holy Ghost concerning it. - From Tacoma Washington Regional Conference, Aug. 19, 1995.

This great book that we call the Book of Mormon, this testimony of the Lord Jesus Christ, this testament of the new world, is the word of God speaking to this generation. - From Crawley, England, fireside, Aug. 26, 1995.

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