Reading the Book of Mormon became a turning point as he met hardship

I was taught about the Church when I was very small. My parents were baptized before I was 4 years old. I remember very well my childhood - my parents teaching me, taking me to the chapel, taking part in the activities and cementing the fundamental principles of the gospel in my life.

Today, I give thanks for the patience of my parents and their strengthening me with the gospel and the faith that sustains me in the Church.My years of youth were particularly difficult. I believe the temptations began to intensify at the same time I was moving away from the Church. When I was of the age to begin preparing for a mission, I had no desire to serve.

On one occasion, I was traveling with a friend from the university in a community near Mexico City to complete a study project. I remember it was raining that day, and the pavement was very slippery. On rounding a curve in the freeway, I lost control of the vehicle and it turned over several times. A trailer that came behind me also lost control and hit me with such force that I was thrown to the street. The car was nearly destroyed.

For a few moments, I did not know where I was, nor what had happened. After - I don't know how much time passed - I began to feel a very intense pain in my left leg and my hip. I heard the voices of people standing around me trying to help me and my friend, who fortunately had no serious injury.

My feelings revived, and all the things that occurred seemed to pass as a dream in which I remembered my parents teaching me the principles of the gospel.

In the hospital, I learned I had a broken hip. I was not able to move very much. The doctors told me that I would spend a month in the hospital. I had all the time for reading. I read for the first time the Book of Mormon, page by page. Then I read the Doctrine and Covenants and other books of the Church. As I read, I felt the Spirit. Several times I felt in my heart a joy that brought tears to my eyes to read the scriptures and the experiences of the prophets of the Book of Mormon.

I prayed and meditated frequently, and I asked how it was that I had waited to read until time made me pay the price.

I can say that my life changed. Even better, the Lord gave me the circumstances to turn my heart to Him. I was able to have the desire to understand for myself the truth - the purpose of life. I was able to pray sincerely, read the scriptures and come to know better the Savior. I felt His love for me personally, I know that He knows and loves me. I have since had many grand and marvelous experiences, serving a mission and serving in various callings in the Church.

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