Teaching tool: Video is a help for Sunday School instructors

Book of Mormon video presentations are now available for Sunday School and home use.

Nine video presentations, similar to those used in seminary classes, have been selected from existing Church Educational System audiovisual materials. The video presentations may be used with the 1996 Gospel Doctrine lessons 1, 4, 14, 20, 28-29, 31-32, 36 and 39.For example, the first presentation, "For Our Day," includes LDS youth from throughout the world bearing their testimonies of the Book of Mormon. The third presentation, "Becoming Children of Christ," relates to Mosiah 2-5 and portrays two friends learning what it means to put off the natural man and become children of Christ. The seventh presentation, "The Pride Cycle," depicts the pride of the people of Zarahemla and corresponds to Helaman 1-12. The last presentation, "O Ye Fair Ones," relating to 4 Nephi-Mormon 6, portrays Mormon lamenting over the loss of loved ones in the final battle at Cumorah.

The following statement was included in a notice sent from the Church's Curriculum Department to General Authorities and Area Authorities; stake, mission and district presidents; and bishops and branch presidents: "Gospel Doctrine teachers, especially those teaching youth ages fourteen to seventeen, should first preview the videocassette, then carefully read and ponder the related scriptures.

"Teachers can then integrate the video presentations into their lessons to supplement instruction, add interest, enhance understanding and help class members apply the principles being studied."

The nine Book of Mormon presentations are contained on one videocassette. Every ward, branch, stake and mission of the Church will receive two copies of the video for meetinghouse libraries.

For home and individual use, copies of the videocassette can be purchased at Church distribution centers for $5 (53911).

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