'For the strength of youth' pamphlet outlines, explains Church standards

Standards for the youth in the Church are summarized in the "For the Strength of Youth" pamphlet, which was produced by the Church in 1990 and is available through distributions centers or from bishops. The standards in the pamphlet, approved by the First Presidency, are designed to help youth choose "good over evil, service over selfishness, kindness and thoughtfulness over self-indulgence and personal gratification." The following is a brief outline of the pamphlet's guidelines.

  • Dating - Begin to prepare now for a temple marriage. Do not date until you turn 16 years old. Dating should be done in groups.- Dress and Appearance - Dress in such a way as to bring out the best in yourself and those around you. Avoid extremes in your clothing.
  • Friendshipping - When you share common values with your friends, you can strengthen and encourage each other. Go out of your way to help shy friends. Treat everyone with kindness and dignity.
  • Honesty - Be honest with yourself and others, including the Lord. Being honest with the Lord will bring His trust and blessings. Lying damages your spirit.
  • Language - Use language to build and uplift those around you. Profane, vulgar or crude language and inappropriate or off-color jokes are offensive to the Lord. Gossip is another kind of harmful language.
  • Media - Take advantage of only good movies, television, radio, videocassettes, books and magazines. The media can "make what is wrong and evil look normal, exciting and acceptable." Pornography is especially dangerous and addictive. Leave or change any immoral or suggestive situation.
  • Mental and Physical Health - Nutritious meals, regular exercise and appropriate sleep are necessary for a strong body. Do not use drugs, alcohol, coffee, tea or tobacco products.
  • Music and Dancing - Listen to music which helps you draw closer to your Heavenly Father. Avoid music which encourages immorality, uses offensive language or drives the Spirit away. When you are dancing avoid full body contact or intimate positions.
  • Sexual Purity - Sexual intimacy should be reserved for marriage. All Latter-day Saints must learn to control and discipline themselves.
  • Sunday Behavior - On Sunday worship the Lord, strengthen family relationships, help others and draw close to the Lord.
  • Repentance - If you have made mistakes, you can be cleansed through proper repentance.
  • Spiritual Help - The Holy Ghost can help you make good choices. Knowing right and wrong is always possible.
  • Worthiness and Service - One way you can show your love to others is through service. Seek for opportunities to serve others in your family, neighborhood, school, community and Church.

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