New stakes presidencies

New stakes have been created in Bolivia, Canada, Ecuador and Peru, and Minnesota.

The Sudbury Ontario Stake has been created by President Thomas S. Monson, first counselor in the First Presidency. The new stake includes the Bracebridge, North Bay, Sault Ste. Marie, Sudbury and Timmins wards, and the Temiskaming Branch. (See May 18 Church News for article on stake's creation.)The Ayacucho Peru Stake and the Sucre Bolivia Stake have been created by Elder Jay E. Jensen of the Seventy. The Peru stake includes the Alameda, Belen, Garcilazo, Las Americas, Manco Capac and Mariscal Caceres wards, and the Huanta and Las Casuarinas branches. The Bolivia stake includes the Churuquella, Estacion, Las Delicias, Mesa Verde, San Juanillo and Universidad wards, and the Petrolero and Santo Domingo branches.

The Burnsville Minnesota Stake, which includes the Bloomington, Burnsville 1st and 2nd, Eagan, Eden Prairie, and Minneapolis 1st wards, and the Faribault branch has been created by Elder Hugh W. Pinnock of the Seventy.

The Guayaquil Ecuador Alborada Stake, which includes the Alborada, Garzota, Samanes, Tanca Marengo, Tarqui, Urdesa and Veintiseis De Febrero wards has been created by area authority Carl B. Pratt.

Elsewhere, stakes have been reorganized in Canada and

Ecuador, and in Arizona, Minnesota, Nevada, Oklahoma and Utah.

New stakes

AYACUCHO PERU STAKE: (April 21, 1996) Created from the Ayacucho Peru and Huamanga Peru districts. President - Job Edwin Quintanilla P., 30, merchant; wife, Emigdia Ena Pretell U. de Quintanilla. Counselors - Leoncio Arnao C., 53, builder for Construction Industries; wife, Feliciana Marcelina Mejia Q. de Arnao. Annon Pedro Arias J., 30, merchant; wife, Emma Vianey Chavez A. de Arias.

BURNSVILLE MINNESOTA STAKE: (April 28, 1996) Created from the Minneapolis Minnesota and Rochester Minnesota stakes. President - Matthew A. Smith, 43, manager of executive and management development for ADC Telecommunications; wife, Susan Kay Clements Smith. Counselors - James E. Lindsay III, 49, sales manager for Kraft Foods; wife, Marlene Kay Russell Lindsay. N. Robertson Payne, 46, physician; wife, Shauna Lee Meikle Payne.

GUAYAQUIL ECUADOR ALBORADA STAKE: (Feb. 11, 1996) Created from the Guayquil Ecuador Central and Guayaquil Ecuador North stakes. President - Henry Alejandro Mora Z., 32, coordinator for Church Educational System; wife, Rocio F. Paredes J. de Mora. Counselors - Hermes Fernando Lozano O., 52, air conditioning manager for Cecinico Refrigeration; wife, Elko Enrigueta Mora H. de Lozano. Fausto Anibal Miranda V., 34, employed in civil service; wife, Miriam Guadalupe Silva H. de Miranda.

SUCRE BOLIVIA STAKE: (April 28, 1996) Created from the Sucre Bolivia District. President - Estaban Portillo R., 41, employed by Jafa Instruments; wife, Fanny Farrufino M. de Portillo. Counselors - Freddy Quiroga A., 43, works in statistics and invoices for Intel S.A.; wife, Lidia Leonor Flores L. de Quiroga. Rodolfo Zuna Vargas, 42, technician for Tacno Farma; wife, Luz Mila Martinez C. de Vargas.

SUDBURY ONTARIO STAKE: (May 5, 1996) Created from the Brampton Ontario Stake, and the Marquette Michigan and Northland Ontario districts. President - G. Boyd McGinn, 42, president of Re/Max Northland Realty and McGinn Thomson Insurance Brokers; wife, Ninon Poulson McGinn. Counselors - Neil V. Thompson, 41, technical sales representative for Canadian Bearings Ltd.; wife, Elizabeth Phillips Thompson. Ian C. Jenner, 36, self-employed financial planning consultant; wife, Fionna Robertson Thompson.

Stake reorganizations

ANOKA MINNESOTA STAKE: (April 28, 1996) President - Joel R. Wiest, retained. Counselors - J. Birch Holt II, retained. Ronald W. Holm, 43, self-employed software consultant for R. W. Holm & Associates; wife, JoAnn Marie May Holm.

EAGAR ARIZONA STAKE: (May 5, 1996) President - Steven P. Heap, 42, optometrist; succeeding Charles Drayton Martin; wife, Christine Redd Heap. Counselors - Jerome Alan Hunt, 47, owner of Woodland Building Center; wife, Connie Johnson Hunt. Todd M. Bosen, 43, State Farm Insurance agent; wife, Julie Ann Fuson Bosen.

GUAYAQUIL ECUADOR EL SALADO STAKE (FORMERLY GUAYAQUIL ECUADOR WEST STAKE): (Feb. 11, 1996) President - Carlos Luis Rivera Fuentes, retained. Counselors - Jose Rolando Campoverde Q., 32, equipment inspector for Transmabo; wife, Susana Cruz L. de Campoverde. Pedro Heriberto Chavez Campos, retained.

GUAYAQUIL ECUADOR GARCIA MORENO STAKE: (FORMERLY GUAYAQUIL ECUADOR CENTRAL STAKE): (Feb. 11, 1996) President - Jorge Fermin Betancourth S., 49, self-employed manager and controller of construction projects; succeeding Henry Alejandro Mora Zhuno; wife, Marcia Isabel Leon L. de Betancourth. Counselors - Francisco Nunez M., 32, self-employed medicine distributor; wife, Lucy Benitez A. de Nunez. Franklin Toral V., 30, supplier of technical provisions for Guayaquil Childrens Hospital; wife, Cecibel Alexandra Araqundi V. de Toral.

GUAYAQUIL ECUADOR PROSPERINA (FORMERLY GUAYAQUIL ECUADOR NORTH STAKE): (Feb. 11, 1996) President - Renzo Baquerizo A., 31, supervisor for Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceutical Laboratories; succeeding Jose Larrea Chavez; wife, Isabel Francisca Ortega S. de Baquerizo. Counselors - Manuel Zuniga M., 46, security manager for Carlos Herrera Ltd.; wife, Gladys Cresencia Santillan M. de Zuniga. Jonny Mendoza C., 30 assistant manager of tax office; wife, Luisa Yodafit Nagali Ramirez S. de Mendoza.

KANESVILLE UTAH STAKE: (April 28, 1996) President - Brian J. Melaney, 46, owner of Melaney Marketing; succeeding Roland B. Hadley; wife, Judy Belnap Melaney. Counselors - Gordon L. Hadley, 55, department manager for Dallas Green Farm Service; wife, Mary Maxine Berry Hadley. Douglas J. Friedli, 40, civilian chief of command support for U.S. Air Force; wife, Vicki Lynn Willis Friedli.

LAS VEGAS NEVADA SANDSTONE STAKE: (April 21, 1996) President - Henry H. Rawlings Jr., 55, president and attorney for Rawlings, Olson, Cannon; succeeding Keith R. Edwards; wife, Rosalie Davis Rawlings. Counselors - James C. Waldron, 64, teacher for Clark County School District; wife, Jean Hansen Waldron. Randall W. Mainor, 54, attorney for Mainor & Harris; wife, Leslie A. Sullivan Mainor.

MINNEAPOLIS MINNESOTA STAKE: (April 28, 1996) President - Stephen W. Hansen, 54, executive vice president of human resources for Norwest Corporation; succeeding Matthew Artell Smith; wife, Carol Vaughn Curran Hansen. Counselors - Lewis E. Bautista, 48, owner of Eddington's Restaurant & Foods Inc.; wife, Leslie J. Eddington Bautista. Thomas E. Ramsey, 50, director of pharmacy for V.A. Medical Center; wife, Patricia K. Shobert Ramsey.

OKLAHOMA CITY OKLAHOMA SOUTH STAKE: (April 21, 1996) President - David L Lawton, 62, president of DAVLAW Enterprises Inc.; succeeding Robert Francis Allen; wife, Carole Marie Davis Lawton. Counselors - Terry K. Payne, 41, high school teacher; wife, Barbara Jean Miller Payne. Robert D. Crain, 38, petroleum landman; wife, Mary Elizabeth Grimes Crain.

ST. PAUL MINNESOTA STAKE: (April 28, 1996) President - G. Kent Archibald, retained. Counselors - James Robert Seilbach, retained. Evan A. Ballard, 46, pediatric ophthalmologist with Associated Eye Physicians & Surgeons Ltd.; wife, Pamela Jean Foster Ballard.

TULSA OKLAHOMA EAST STAKE: (May 5, 1996) President - David L. Peterson, 53, Oklahoma district judge; succeeding Donald R. Murnan; wife, Elaine Denkers Peterson. Counselors - Eston L. Harper, 61, retired from Kraft Foods Inc.; wife, Diana Avalon Davie Harper. Lyle W. Hoop, 58, stationary operating engineer for American Airlines; wife, Hannah Jane Belisle Hoop.

WEBER STATE UNIVERSITY STAKE: (April 28, 1996) President - Roger E. Grua, 49, dentist; succeeding Steven Ray Mecham; wife, Marlene Elmer Grua. Counselors - Richard W. Sadler, 55, dean of social sciences at Weber State University; wife, Claudia Spencer Sadler. C. Brook Olson, 54, dentist; wife, Vicki Jane Littlefield Olson.

WINNIPEG MANITOBA STAKE: (April 28, 1996) President - George L. Spencer, 46, dentist; succeeding Richard Edmond Bennett; wife, Linda Millicent Aitken Spencer. Counselors - Steven C. Diaczun, 40, classified advertising manager for Winnipeg Free Press; wife, Penny Kathryn Wezyki Diaczun. John R. Moore, 44, vice president of senior management for Johnston Group Inc.; wife, Vera Julianne Finken Moore.

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