Missionary moments: A warm finish

In April 1995, my husband, Terrie, and I were discussing which church to try when two well-dressed young men appeared at our door. This was no small feat as we had a lot of snow and, being in a high wind area, we had a 6-foot snow drift at our front door. Since our friends know to call before coming so I can open the garage door to let them in, I was very surprised to hear the front doorbell ring. My first thought was that the snow was pressing against the doorbell again.

I was getting ready to go out and went to the hall closet for my coat when I noticed that there actually was someone at the front door. When I opened it, in poured these two young men and a big pile of snow. It was just too funny! The taller of the two was covered with snow, while the shorter one had very little snow on his clothes. I told them I could tell who had "broken trail." It took us a few minutes to get the snow back outside and clean snow out of the crack in the door so it would close. All this time I was laughing like crazy.The young missionaries gave me a copy of the Book of Mormon and marked some sections for me to read and said they would come back to answer any questions. I let them go out through the garage so they didn't have to brave the snow drift again.

Soon, we called the missionaries and said we would like to attend Church services with them. We are notorious for being early to everything, so when we arrived at the Church the missionaries were not there yet. We were very pleased, however, with the friendliness of those members who were there and their willingness to introduce themselves and others.

While taking the discussions, I had to have surgery. All during the time I was in the hospital women from the Relief Society brought Terrie dinner. They came and cleaned my house. Terrie and I were very surprised and grateful to all these people who didn't even know us very well.

As I recovered, the elders continued the lessons. During that time my desire turned into belief and my faith has grown steadily since. Terrie and I were baptized in June 1995 and will receive our temple blessings in August 1996.

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