Messages of inspiration from President Hinckley

Excerpts from recent addresses by President Gordon B. Hinckley.


We live at a time when people are unwilling to accept the simple narrative of the scripture, the word of the Lord. What a marvelous thing we have. That brief visitation of God the Father and His Beloved Son to the 14-year-old boy Joseph brought more light and understanding and knowledge of the nature and divinity of God than all of the studies of all of the religious parliaments of all time. - From Colorado Springs Colorado Young Adult Morningside, April 14, 1996.


Honesty is still the best policy. "We believe in being honest, true, chaste, benevolent, virtuous and in doing good to all men." You cannot cheat in school and do the right thing. It does not work in the long run. Can you imagine undergoing surgery on your head, for instance, by a man who cheated in medical school? - From Youth Fireside, Vista California Stake Center, March 23, 1996.


Do not become involved in illegal drugs. Do not touch them. Never experiment with them. I plead with you, with every one of you, to shun them as you would poison. You are young women. A great future is ahead of you. Your lives are radiant with promise. Most of you will someday wish to be married and have children. The use of illegal drugs could place a terrible handicap not only upon you, but also upon your children. I do not hesitate to say that if you tamper with these things, you will regret it. - From General Young Women Meeting, March 30, 1996.


You elders quorum presidents, you have a lot of men you're responsible for who are unordained and who are totally indifferent to the Church - lots of them. I know that. They are everywhere. It's good to work with them. It's good to learn about them. It's good to pray for them. It's good to ask the Lord about them and to plead with the Lord for help and direction in moving them in the right way. Prayer is a marvelous and miraculous resource. The most marvelous and miraculous resource we have available to us. - From Smithfield/Logan Utah University Regional Conference Priesthood Leadership Meeting, first session, April 20, 1996.


You know what life is for, what it's about, that you're part of an eternal plan, that you lived with purpose before you came to this life, that this life is a mission and not just a career, and that we will step over the veil someday but keep on going and growing. I don't know of anybody in the world who has the concept of the meaning of life that we have as a result of the restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ. - From Young Adult Fireside, San Diego, Calif., March 24, 1996.


I urge each of you young women to get all of the schooling you can get. You will need it for the world into which you will move. Life is becoming so exceedingly competitive. Experts say that the average man or woman, during his or her working career, can expect to have five different jobs. The world is changing, and it is so very important that we equip ourselves to move with that change. But there is a bright side to all of this. No other generation in all of history has offered women so many opportunities. Your first objective should be a happy marriage, sealed in the temple of the Lord, and followed by the rearing of a good family. Education can better equip you for the realization of those ideals. - From General Young Women Meeting, March 30, 1996.


There is nothing more universal than death, and nothing brighter with hope and faith than the assurance of immortality. The abject sorrow that comes with death, the bereavement that follows the passing of a loved one are mitigated only by the certainty of the Resurrection of the Son of God that first Easter morning. - From April 1996 General Conference address, Sunday morning session, April 7, 1996.


The greatest safety you have in your lives, my dear young friends, is your membership in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Cling to the Church and live its principles and I do not hesitate to promise you that your lives will be happy, that your accomplishments will be significant, and that you will have reason to get on your knees and thank the Lord for all He has done for you in giving to you the marvelous and wonderful opportunities that you have. - From Youth Fireside, Vista California Stake Center, March 23, 1996.


I hope, every one of you goes to seminary. I am glad you do. It is good for you. Go there to learn and become acquainted with the gospel. Some day every one of you is going to have to defend this Church, to explain it to others. Now is the time to prepare. - From Denver Colorado Willow Creek Youth Meeting, April 14, 1996.


What a magnificently beautiful building [a temple] is. But, with all the beauty of that building, that structure is only a means to an end and not an end in itself. That facility was erected and dedicated for the performance of the sacred ordinances which the Lord has revealed in this time, and among those sacred ordinances is that of marriage for time and all eternity. There is nothing like it elsewhere in all the world. And I hope, as you look to marriage, you'll make a decision in your lives from which you will not deviate, that you will be married in the house of the Lord. - From Young Adult Fireside, San Diego, Calif., March 24, 1996.

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