Tune in to Church radio programming

Listeners can receive the LDS Radio Network through one of the following:

  • Through a specially adapted AM/FM subcarrier radio that Bonneville has arranged with manufacturers to provide. With this radio, listeners can tune in to the network if they receive the following FM radio signals: KISN-FM, Salt Lake City; KBIG-FM, Los Angeles, Calif.; KOIT-FM, San Francisco, Calif.; KIRO-FM, Seattle, Wash.; KHTC-FM, Phoenix, Ariz.; KZPS-FM, Dallas, Texas; KLTH-FM, Kansas City, Kan.; WTMX-FM, Chicago, Ill.; WMXV-FM, New York, New York; KRIC-FM, Rexburg, Idaho. Within the next few months, listeners can receive the network in Washington, D.C., on WXTR-FM.To order the 92Khz portable radio, contact Compol, Inc., 415 Campbell Mill Road, Mason, N.H., 03048, or call (800) 972-0881. Or call Corvus Radio at (800) 316-9854, or write to Corvus Radio, 10601 South Poinciana Rd., Gilbert, Ariz. 85234.

The cost of the radio is $95, including shipping and handling. COMPOL 67KHZ radios can be adapted for $20. 67KHz or 92KHz subcarrier radios made by other manufacturers will need to be adjusted to pick up the Bonneville signal.

  • Through radio signal on GE Satcom C1 (137 degrees west) satellite, Transponder 6, Audio 5.58 MHz. in the U.S., Canada and parts of Central America.
  • Through TCI Cablevision of Utah and Idaho by connecting FM radio receiver to the basic cable service; turn to frequency 88.9. Call (801) 485-0500 or (800) 770-4824 for details. There is no additional monthly charge. For Orange County, Calif., call Cox Cable at (714) 240-1212, and for San Diego County, call Southwestern Cable TV at (619) 695-3320.

For more information, call Bonneville International Corp. at (801) 575-7663.

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