Missionary moments: Just call her mom

My wife was less active in the Church before I met her. However, over a period of time, a kind and loving visiting teacher, Darlene, brought her back into activity. As time went by, my wife became best friends with Darlene.

Around Valentine's Day in 1994, my father, Wayne, who was not a member of the Church, wanted to come to visit. The night that he would be driving to our home was the same evening I had to be at the meetinghouse for a Valentine's dance sponsored by the elders quorum. I explained to my father during a telephone conversation that, as elders quorum president, I had to be there. Before my father, who was single, hung up, he made me promise to set him up with a date at the dance.My wife and I sat down with the ward list to look for a date for my dad. We looked down the list to find someone single near my father's age. We seemed to be finding single sisters half his age or twice his age with none in between. Finally, we came across Darlene's name. She was nearly the same age as my father.

When I called, Darlene told me that she would be working until about 8:30 p.m. and would not be able to come. I explained that my father would be arriving about the same time. She agreed to drop by after she finished work. When the evening came, we introduced them to one another with hopes that they would enjoy each other's company. They made small talk and danced a few dances, and then we went home.

The next day my father told me, with stars in his eyes, that she seemed like a very nice person. Over the next few months they got to know one another better and my father started to gain an interest in the Church. Some time later, he returned for a visit so that I could baptize him a member of the Church.

His next visit, two months after his baptism, was to marry Darlene. Then, on May 18, 1996, my father was sealed for time and all eternity to his new-found love and to his son in the Los Angeles Temple.

The Lord found a wonderful way to reward Darlene for her faithful service as a visiting teacher. My wife no longer refers to Darlene as her faithful visiting teacher. She just calls her Mom, and so do I.

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