Gospel same now as when Jesus taught it on Earth

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The work Church members do today is the gospel of their Savior, testified Elder David B. Haight in the Saturday morning session.

"I want you to know that the work that we do is the gospel of our Savior, our Lord Jesus Christ as taught by Him when He was upon the earth," said Elder Haight of the Quorum of the Twelve.

He said that he has always been impressed with all the prophets since the time of Joseph Smith - who by revelation received the message of the restored gospel. He said it is always thrilling to read about Joseph Smith and the prophets who have followed him - all "wonderful men."

He mentioned President David O. McKay, the first Church president he knew. Elder Haight said when he was stake president in California he invited President McKay to dedicate a Church building. "President McKay came as a result of my invitation, which surprised me," he recalled. "We met him at the train . . . and had him in our home. That gave me a new vision of the magnitude of the brethren and the importance of the mission which we have on the earth to fulfill."

President Spencer W. Kimball also became a great influence in Elder Haight's life, he said. President Kimball taught Church members in a "wonderful manner of teaching," not only teaching from the scriptures and of principles, policies and doctrines, but also teaching in a way that "would help lift our hearts and souls."

Elder Haight then talked about President Gordon B. Hinckley. He recalled the prophet's interview with reporter Mike Wallace on the national television program "60 Minutes."

Elder Haight said that when the program was over his heart was beating fast. "I was filled with joy and thanksgiving to the Lord for the way our prophet and our leader had handled the interrogation."

He recalled one specific question given to President Hinckley: "Do you really believe that story that Heavenly Beings appeared to that young boy in that grove of trees?"

Elder Haight said, "Our prophet just instantly said, `Of course I do! Isn't it great?' "

As a result of the program, missionary work in the United States has increased, Elder Haight explained.

"More people have become interested in the Church because they had seen a living prophet in the flesh stand before that vast audience and declare to the world, `Of course I do! Isn't it great?' " Elder Haight said. "We would hope and pray that the missionaries throughout the world have that feeling and that same understanding and that same determination to want to so declare that same message of hope and salvation and eternal life to all the world."

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