Making, keeping covenants are crucial tests of mortality

  • Go forward in faith
  • Share gospel- Keep covenants

Latter-day Saints are a covenant people, Elder Henry B. Eyring of the Quorum of the Twelve declared Saturday afternoon.

"From the day of baptism through the spiritual milestones of our lives we make promises with God and He makes promises with us. He always keeps His promises offered through His authorized servants, but it is the crucial test of our lives to see if we will make and keep our covenants with Him."

Elder Eyring spoke at times with a voice filled with emotion. He referred to the covenant members make at baptism as described in Mosiah 18:8-9 and spoke of the ways in which members keep that covenant.

He said the power of that covenant to love and to witness should transform what members do across the world. "One of the most important," he said, "is in the family."

He continued,"In thousands of homes the choices made are guided by the covenant to comfort those that stand in need of comfort and to stand as witnesses of God. Both the consolidation of the Sunday meetings and the creation of a family home evening are to provide opportunity for families to have time together to give Christ-like service and to study the scriptures and gospel principles."

Offering a caution and a promise, he added: "There are few places where the covenant to love and to bear witness is more easily kept than in the home. And there are few places where it can matter more for those for whom we are accountable. For members of the Church, my caution is that to neglect those opportunities is a choice not to keep sacred covenants.

"Because God always honors covenants, I can make a promise to those who in faith keep the covenant to create experiences of giving love and bearing testimony with their families. They will reap a harvest of hearts touched, faith in Jesus Christ exercised unto repentance, and the desire and the power to keep covenants strengthened."

Elder Eyring spoke of the covenant to combine kindness with bearing witness. He emphasized the importance of sincerely caring for those to whom one bears testimony. After referring to Ammon's service to King Lamoni in Alma 17, Elder Eyring added: "It may not be in hours or days as it was for King Lamoni, but they will feel our love after testing our hearts. And when they find our concern sincere, the Holy Spirit can more easily touch them to allow us to teach and to testify, as it did for Ammon."

Elder Eyring made two promises concerning sharing the gospel. "The first is that even those who reject it will someday thank us. My second promise is that as you offer the gospel to others it will go down more deeply into your heart. It becomes the well of water springing up into eternal life for us as we offer it to others."

He spoke of another setting that provides opportunity to combine love and testimony - the fast and testimony meeting, including giving "a generous fast offering."

Continuing, he promised: "We can take heart that our honest effort to keep our covenants allows God to increase our power to do it. A way will be prepared for us to keep our covenants, however difficult that may now appear, if we go forward in faith."

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