Members celebrate 30 years of gospel in Torino, Italy

It's been more than 30 years since the first members in Torino, Italy, joined the Church.

Leone Michelini, an orchestra conductor who traveled the world, and his wife, Almerina, with their two children listened to the missionaries and were baptized in 1964.Since those days, when meetings were held on the second floor of the Michelini's home at Via Tunisi 110, the Church has grown to include five branches and two chapels in Torino.

To acknowledge the accomplishments of the Church in this northwestern portion of Italy and to raise the level of awareness of the Church, the district of Torino sponsored a 30th anniversary celebration recently. Festivities included an inauguration ceremony and a closing ceremony that coincided with the district's semiannual conference, plus a variety of cultural and recreational activities.

During the inauguration ceremony, representatives of the Piedmont Region and the city of Torino expressed appreciation and congratulations to the Church and presented a certificate of recognition and esteem.

Other activities of the celebration included performances by the BYU "Lamanite Generation" at the Torre Pellice, where Lorenzo Snow dedicated Italy for the preaching of the gospel, and to an audience of 1,000 non-members at the famed Alfieri Theater.

In addition, firesides and conferences were also presented that discussed topics such as Jesus the Christ, family history work, families and temples, the prophet Joseph Smith and the archaeological background of the Book of Mormon.

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