All things should be done in wisdom

During the Doctrine and Covenants Symposium Jan 25, Michael Wilcox, a faculty member at the institute adjacent to the University of Utah, shared several principles of consecration, found in D&C 38, that can help members live better lives today.

  • Church members should believe that all that they have and are is consecrated. (D&C 38:16) "If I believe that particular idea then I will understand that I must use my strength, my time, my talents, whatever I have, in the way the Lord would ask me to," he noted.- The earth is rich and there is enough for everyone. (D&C 38:17) "If I don't believe there is enough, what will my attitude be? I have got to get mine."
  • Church members should esteem their brothers as themselves, they must be as concerned about their brothers' needs as their own. (D&C 38:24-25) "This principle is such an important one that the Lord twice repeats it," continued Brother Wilcox. He cautioned Church members not to place occupations in a hierarchy, believing that one job is better than another.
  • Everything that members have belongs to the Lord and is a gift to them from Him. (D&C 38:39.) "This makes me a steward," Brother Wilcox said. "A steward is one that does not own, but manages. He manages it for someone else."
  • Church members should take the talents the Lord has given them and work hard. (D&C 38:40.)

Brother Wilcox also cautioned members to avoid debt. "I cannot consecrate what I don't own," he said.

He concluded by reminding the audience that "all these things must be done with wisdom and in moderation."

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