Missionary moments: Needed answers

In 1979, at age 27, I needed to find answers to my innermost questions - questions we all have like, "Who am I? Where did I come from? Who is God?"

I searched several denominations of religion in an attempt to satisfy these yearnings. Then I read an article inserted in the Reader's Digest, entitled, "A Plan for Good Health Based on Faith" from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. It was not until then that I thought I really might be able to find my answers and happiness.The contents of the article discussed how Mormons live longer, healthier and happier due to their beliefs. The article was intriguing to me because it spoke of modern-day revelation from God, His will for us and His wisdom and divine intelligence. I immediately filled out the coupon on the back of the article to send for a free booklet and for more information.

Before I could send off this coupon, missionaries from the Church knocked on my door holding up the same Reader's Digest article and asked if I had read this information. Upon receiving their message and studying on my own, I knew this was my chance to find happiness.

I also knew there would be a time when I would experience unhappiness. I knew the requirements and sacrifices necessary to be a Latter-day Saint would not coincide with the "in" things of the world. I knew I would face rejection from close family members and close friends. But I gained a testimony and was baptized soon after.

My mother soon noticed a change in me. I was really happy. She asked if she could go to Church with me. After attending Church one time, she asked to have the lessons and was taught the gospel and baptized two years after I was.

I did our family's temple work after my parents died. The day the work was done in the Washington Temple, I felt like it was what I dreamed heaven will be. Today, we are sealed as a family and will be together forever.

I am so grateful to Heavenly Father for the missionaries who knocked on my door that day and opened the pathway for myself as well as my mother and others to be members of the one and only true Church.

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