New stake presidencies

Three new stakes have been created in Mexico.

Elder Gary J. Coleman of the Seventy created two stakes in Mexico City - the Mexico City Mexico Los Reyes Stake and the Mexico City Mexico Prados Stake. The Los Reyes stake includes the Atlicpac, Ayotla, Izcalli, Los Olivos, Los Reyes, Monte Corona, and Texcoco wards, and the Chicoloapan, Ixtapaluca, and La Paz branches. The Prados stake includes the Alborada, Pensamiento, Pradera, Prados and Primavera wards, and the Tultepec branch.The Tepic Mexico Stake, which includes the Estadios, Fresnos, Jalisco, La Loma, and Mololoa wards, was created by Elder Andrew W. Peterson of the Seventy.

Elsewhere, stakes have been reorganized in Brazil and Mexico, and in Idaho.

New stakes

MEXICO CITY MEXICO LOS REYES STAKE: (Nov. 17, 1996) Created from the Chalco Mexico and Mexico City Mexico La Perla Stakes. President - I. Pedro Espinosa C., 51, physician in maternity hospital; wife, Maria del Consuelo Mendoza G. de Espinosa. Counselors - Gustavo Ramos L., 46, school teacher; wife, Maria Isabel Limon S. de Ramos. Anselmo Romero V., 52, retired; wife, Felisa Ivonne Marin V. de Romero.

MEXICO CITY MEXICO PRADOS STAKE: (Feb. 9, 1997) Created from the Mexico City Mexico Villa De Las Flores Stake. President - Guillemro Velaslo C., 36, accountant; wife, Bernarada Enriquez G. de Velaslo. Counselors - Nilanor Garcia H., 43, purchasing manager for K. S. Quinn of Mexico; wife, Fatima Edith Reyes P. de Garcia. Saul Enriquez H., 38, manager of Department of Information for Social Security of Mexico; wife, Livia Melendez R. de Enriquez.

TEPIC MEXICO STAKE: (Dec. 15, 1996) Created from the Tepic District. President - Jose Alfonso Prida H., 52, teacher; wife, Teresita del Nino Jesus Reyes B. de Prida. Counselors - Benjamin Gerardo Valenzuela B., 31, merchant; wife, Paula Agustina Cambero B. de Valenzuela. Isaias Castellanos G., 30, employed in construction; wife, Teresa Arias F. de Castellanos.

Stake reorganizations

GOIANIA BRAZIL STAKE: (Dec. 15, 1996) President - Sergio Franca, retained. Counselors - Genesio Goncalves Xavier, retained. Rafael Rodrigues de Faria, 47, bank officer; wife, Maria Helena Magachaes de Rodrigues.

MERIDIAN IDAHO STAKE: (Jan. 12, 1997) President - Jerry O. Mortensen, retained. Counselors - A. Brent Belliston, retained. Gary L. Montgomery, 54, attorney; wife, Marilyn Kaye Carney Montgomery.

MEXICO CITY MEXICO MOCTEZUMA STAKE: (Feb. 16, 1997) President - Jose Benjamin Flores O., 33, trainer specialist on American football for Education and Cultural Society; succeeding Francisco Lopez Ramirez; wife, Dulce Maria Godinez G. de Flores. Counselors - Hector Gomez I., 61, general director and business owner; wife, Imelda Franco V. de Gomez. Jose Luis Galicia O., 37, manager of systems and control for Church area office; wife, Marcela Arce C. de Galicia.

MEXICO CITY MEXICO LA PERLA STAKE: (Nov. 17, 1996) President - Elias Mejia V., 49, maintenance worker; succeeding Isidro Pedro Espinoza Cruz; wife, Maria de La Paz Estrada G. de Mejia. Counselors - Nefi Campa M., 59, auto upholstery shop worker; wife, Graciela Perez G. de Campa. Ricardo Terron P., 28, owner of truck and passenger transportation company; wife, Lucio Soledad Serratos G. de Terron.

MEXICO CITY MEXICO VILLA DE LAS FLORES STAKE: (Feb. 9, 1997) President - Jose Marcos Lopez Ricardez, retained. Counselors - Jose Antonio Fajardo Gamez, retained. Victor Martinez M., 31, self-employed civil engineer; wife, Mercedes Ventura M. de Martinez.

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