TEMPLE MOMENTS: Gift of serenity

Isabel Ronzella Rodriguez enjoys reflecting on the serenity that has come into her life as a member of the Church. She joined the Church in 1960 after meeting two missionaries at the market in Campinas, Brazil. She invited the two young men to teach her family, and she and her husband eventually joined the Church.

The family became members of the small Campinas Branch, which then had some 30-35 active members."I adjusted quickly to the Church," she said. "I knew in my heart it was true."

Her first calling in the small branch was to be Relief Society president, she remembered. It was very challenging but she prayed frequently.

A great opportunity came her way when the Sao Paulo Temple was dedicated in 1978. She later became a temple worker there.

In 1985 her husband, who had served as bishop and stake patriarch, died of a heart attack. Grieving from that, she returned to the temple. A few months later a call came to her to serve as a temple missionary in the Swiss Temple in Zollikofen, near Bern, Switzerland.

The call was both uplifting and challenging. She loved the idea of serving in a temple, but wasn't sure she was ready to embark on such a distant mission. Her emotions were unsettled at first, but then she felt a sense of peace.

The sense of peace continued when she flew to Zurich and climbed off the airplane. Laden with baggage, she made her way across the busy airport. At an escalator, she struggled to hold all her bags. At the top of the escalator an accident happened: she lost hold of the bags. They tumbled down the moving stairway and burst open, strewing contents to the floor below.

As her anxiety mounted, a tiny miracle occurred. The escalator suddenly stopped, giving Sister Rodriguez ample time to pick up her belongings and restore them to her baggage. A kind security guard walked over and assisted, giving her the added assurance that no one would take anything that fell. He watched her belongings while she obtained a taxi, and the sense of peace stayed with her where tender emotions might have been tried. Her mission in the Swiss Temple became another beautiful experience in her life as a member that she can reflect upon in serenity.

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