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50 years ago

Commemorations in various missions were planned to give the Church's Centennial Celebration a worldwide flavor, according to an article in the March 8, 1947, Church News.

The Church News had received information about observances of the Utah Pioneer Centennial "from mission headquarters in various parts of Europe, from the island missions of the Pacific, and from missions in the United States, Canada and Mexico," the article reported.

The celebrations included "conferences featuring pageantry, music and dramatization to the carrying of special Centennial themes into sacrament meetings of mission districts and branches." The British Mission was planning a three-day convention at Bradford, Yorkshire, that included sporting events and a costume ball where native Britons who were in the first Pioneer company were characterized in full costume.

The two missions in Hawaii planned a combined centennial conference for July 23-24. The best of talks, original songs and skits in district conferences of the Hawaiian Mission prior to July were to be selected for repeat in the July conference.

The article said: "A high spot of this celebration in Hawaii will take place on the morning of July 24 when members of the Church will go in a great caravan to the top of 10,000-foot Haleakala, the crater, and sing such songs as `High On the Mountain Top.' Plans are being made to record this feature and radio broadcasts will take the best of the meetings and events to the people of Hawaii."

In Sweden, plans were made to let the people of that country know more than ever before about the pioneers by advertising through radio and film. Norway planned a convention that included a three-act play depicting the trek of the Saints from Missouri to the Salt Lake Valley.

Quote from the past

"Now I want to admonish you to pray for your children, to work for your children, to do all within your power to help to save them. God may not always send an angel from heaven as He did in answer to Alma's prayer, but I want to tell you there are men and women in the Church by the thousands and the tens of thousands that are angels of heaven in the hands of God in helping to show the youth of Zion the way to eternal life." - Presiding Bishop LeGrand Richards in the October 1947 general conference

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