Worthiness amid pressures

Counseling members on how they can keep their resolve to live worthily, to not be eroded by the pressures around them, Elder Richard G. Scott of the

Quorum of the Twelve gave these instructions at the April 1991 general conference:- Choose good friends. ". . . When one gets off track, it is generally because the other kind of friends were chosen. Be surrounded by true friends who accept you the way you are and leave you better because of their association."

  • Consistently live the truth you already know. "You will learn that the restraints provided by the teachings of the Lord actually form a platform to greater freedom. If they are hurriedly dismantled in the misuse of increased personal choice, there will result binding chains of transgression."
  • Don't be found in compromising circumstances.
  • Seek counsel from those who are worthy.
  • Pray in faith for help. "Go to your Father in Heaven. He wants to help you, but because of your agency you need to take the first step. Important lessons will be learned as you are on your knees. . . .

"When all the challenges pour down on you, you will have a quiet inner feeling of support. You will be prompted to know what to do. You can live in a world of turmoil and great challenge and be at peace. You will be inspired to know what to do and to have the power or capacity to do it. Remember this promise of the Lord as clarified by President Harold B. Lee: `Ye are to be taught from on high. Sanctify yourselves

that is, keep my commandmentsT and ye shall be endowed with power.' " (D&C 43:16.)

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