LDS network eases load on U.S. embassy

At the U.S. Embassy in Rome, Army Lt. Col. Peter R. Cannon has been the Deputy Chief of the Office of Defense Cooperation for the past 21 months. Lt. Col. Cannon, who is second counselor in the Rome 1st Branch, kept a close watch on the development of the crisis.

He said that while watching television coverage of Americans boarding Navy helicopters, he noticed that several were LDS missionaries. He telephoned Italy Rome Mission Pres. Leone Flosi and learned that the Church had already arranged for the care of the missionaries."The U.S. Embassy in Rome was hard pressed to provide transportation for the sudden influx of Americans, and expressed to me their relief at not having to transport or care for about 30 missionaries in Brindisi," he said.

"It is comforting to know that as long as we send missionaries into all the world, the Church will be prepared to care for them."

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