Writings of Isaiah for this dispensation

Church members should read and study the writings of Isaiah because, for the most part, they deal with this dispensation and the gathering of the House of Israel in preparation for the return of the Savior, said Calvin R. Stephens.

Brother Stephens, a faculty member at the Ogden Institute of Religion, spoke Jan. 10 during a Church Educational System symposium of the writings of Isaiah and their importance to Church members today."Have you observed which book it is the devil has convinced the Church they can't understand. It is the writings of Isaiah," he said. ". . . With the help of the Book of Mormon and the Doctrine and Covenants and conference reports you can understand the writings of Isaiah."

Brother Stephens listed four reasons why Church members should study Isaiah.

  1. Church members will come to more fully understand the Savior. (1 Ne. 19:23.)
  1. Isaiah covers the House of Israel and its gathering. (2 Ne. 6:4, 5.)
  1. Isaiah saw the Savior and knew Him. Thus his writings are a Messianic witness. (2 Ne. 11.)
  1. That Church members might know the "judgments of God which will be poured out on the nations." (2 Ne. 25:3.)

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