Church garners two awards for TV spots promoting families

Bonneville Communications has been given two Telly Awards for public service announcements as part of its Homefront series. Both television spots were produced for the Church and are broadcast to remind audiences of the significance of "Family. Isn't it about . . . time?"

"Story Time," a 60-second spot that recounts the true story of a chubby-cheek 3-year-old, was awarded the first-place "Silver" award.The spot begins with a little girl walking toward her father who is sitting at a table deeply engrossed in his work on a laptop computer.

Her eyes fall in disappointment when she's told he is too busy to read her a story.

The scene is repeated that evening while the father is reading a newspaper. "It's your bedtime," he says, dismissing her again, leaving her to walk away clutching the picture book.

Undaunted, she enters the bedroom of her parents at 4 a.m.

"Will you read me a story?" she asks her blurry-eyed father.

"Daddy is too tired," he responds. "Ask your mother."

The girl strolls around the bed, and in a humorous twist of events, asks, "Mommy, can Daddy read me a story?"

"Saturday Mornings," the second spot, was awarded a second-place "Bronze" Telly award. It points out how something as simple as eating Saturday morning breakfast together at the local cafe can pay generational dividends.

The spot is set in an era when pie was 10-cents a slice, and opens with a father driving his two teenage daughters in a 1960s model pickup truck to a local diner.

It was a weekly ritual, eating out so Mom could sleep in, says one of the daughters who recounts events. But it was really a time for Dad to listen to the thoughts and feelings of his daughters. With bacon frying on the griddle, the girls giggle while talking about school, teachers, boys and clothes.

After breakfast, the girls take a quarter for the juke box and bob their heads and fling their hair while dancing to their music.

"And he never questioned our music," says the daughter in summation, while her father looks on with shreds of a paper napkin plugging his ears.

Both spots were written by Curt Dahl of Bonneville Communications. Grant Baird directed the spots, while Steve Wunderli served as creative director.

Bonneville has been producing the Homefront series for more than 25 years and has won numerous national and international awards, including three Emmys, 14 Clios and now 18 Telly awards since 1990.

The Telly award is a coveted award in the broadcast industry, recognizing outstanding non-network and cable television commercials.

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