2 new products to aid research on family history

Two new tools for using computers as an aid to family history research have been announced by the Church Family History Department.

Here are summaries of the two products:Personal Ancestral File Companion Version 2.0

This Windows-based product, an upgrade from a previous version, is designed for use with Personal Ancestral File 3.0 (PAF) on home computers and will help the home user print quality genealogy charts and reports. The new version is available for $10 through local Church distribution centers in the form of one compact disc (item no. 50041).

It includes these features:

  • Outline Descendant Report, which prints descendants in an indented list by generation, one line per individual.
  • Kinship Report, which prints all the relatives of an individual, indicating relationships and common ancestors.
  • Ahnentafel Register Report, which prints a register (book) report of an individual's ancestors, complete with an index.
  • Family Ordinance Summary, which summarizes ordinances performed for individuals up to their great-grandparents. This feature allows users to quickly see what ordinances need to be completed.
  • Pedigree Chart, which now prints the family group records associated with pedigree charts. Users can choose between sequential or nonsequential pedigree numbering.
  • Family Group Record, which now prints multiple family group records for a selected number of ancestral generations.
  • History List, which saves a list of the last 40 individuals viewed for each PAF data file.

These are the minimum system requirements for PAF Companion 2.0: Windows 3.1 or higher (will also run on Windows 95 or Windows NT); Personal Ancestral File 3.0 or later; 4 MB of RAM; VGA monitor; CD-ROM or 31/2 inch, high-density, floppy-disk drive; 6 MB of free, hard-disk space.

British Vital Records Index

This Windows-based resource file, available on six compact discs for home use, contains information on more than 4.7 million christenings, births and marriages that occurred in England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland from 1500 to 1888. This information came from British church and vital records collected as a part of the Church's extraction program. The amount of information varies greatly by time period and locality.

The British Vital Records Index is available for $15 through local Church distribution centers (item number 50028).

These are the minimum system requirements for the British Vital Records Index: Pentium processor (or equivalent); Windows 95, 98 or NT 4.0 plus; a minimum of 8 MB RAM, 16MB recommended; CD-ROM drive (8x recommended); SVGA monitor with 256-color-capable video card; 25 MB hard-disk space.

According to the policies outlined in Guidelines: Computers in Stakes, Meetinghouses and Family History Centers, priesthood leaders may authorize the purchase of PAF Companion 2.0 and the British Vital Records Index only for Family History Centers that have equipment meeting the minimum system requirements.

Those who have questions and who live in the United States or Canada may call Family History Support at 1-801-240-2584 or toll free at 1-800-346-6044. Those living outside the United States or Canada may contact their area information system manager for additional help or information.

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