800 young single adults tie 200 quilts for needy

Nearly 800 young single adults - both men and women - assembled and tied 200 quilts here recently for needy people in the Appalachian Mountains, and in Lithuania and Yugoslavia.

The activity, sponsored by the LDS institutes of religion in San Bernardino and Riverside counties in Southern California, was part of a day-long conference held recently at the Chino California Stake center."The two-hour project required 1,600 hands, 66 quilting frames, 35 sewing machines and guidance from local master quilters provided by the local Relief Society organization," said Scott Knecht, director of the Walnut Institute of Religion, which serves students at Mt. San Antonio College.

"These college students had fun while learning the good feeling earned by serving fellow human beings," he added.

The quilting project has been underway at various institutes of religion sites for the past six months, while project organizers gathered quilt materials donated by participants.

Brother Knecht said these conferences usually have a dance as a social activity. However, organizers felt that in addition to providing an opportunity to serve others, the quilting project would also be a great social event.

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