Live Nativity float wins Mayor's Choice Award

Church members portray live Nativity in annual parade.

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. — Each year, the annual "Parade of Lights" is held in downtown Sioux Falls. This year, the Sioux Falls 1st and 2nd wards combined their efforts to create a live Nativity float, complete with Mary and Joseph, and shepherds. The float had 2,500 lights and took a dozen hard-working members approximately 10 hours to construct.

The song "O Holy Night" was performed live and amplified for all to enjoy. Several ward spectators reported a hush from the crowd as the float passed, with children whispering, "Look at baby Jesus."

The goal of the wards was to share their faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and to remind their city of His angelic birth in a humble stable in Bethlehem. They had the opportunity to convey this message to the 100,000 or so people gathered in the unusually warm weather and were honored with the parade's top ranking "Mayor's Choice Award."

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