How to enhance your temple worship

  • Schedule your temple visit on your calendar at least a week in advance. This gives you the time to get yourself ready and provides a sense of wonderful anticipation.

  • Have a purpose coupled with that of doing work for the deceased. This may comprise seeking a special blessing for yourself or a member of your family or an acquaintance.

  • Ponder the content of the ordinances of the temple and those things you do not understand. Do scripture study on that subject as well as researching other sources such as general conference reports. The temple is a place of revelation.

  • Do your own family history work so you can do temple ordinances for your own ancestors.

  • Occasionally plan to do initiatories as well as endowments and sealings. Assist the youth when they do baptisms. These activities will refresh you on all the blessings spoken of in the temple ordinances and help you recognize how they all fit together into one whole.

  • Arrive at the temple early enough to have a few minutes of prayer and contemplation in the chapel. Ponder the conditions required of you to be able to hold a temple recommend. Express your gratitude to the Lord for the privilege of being in His House and of participating in this sacred work.

  • Get sufficient rest before going to the temple to allow yourself to be alert. Keep your mind focused on what you are there to do and why.

  • Express thanks to the Lord. In the celestial room, pray for special blessings you desire. Wait silently to receive inspiration and revelation.

  • Fill out slips for the prayer roll for those you know need special blessings, including yourself.

    In addition, when you return home, make a note in your journal of the work you did and your feelings about it. — Derek R. Evans, Cedar Hills, Utah

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