Adjust to life after mission by participating in activites

TEMPE, Ariz. — Two returned missionaries, who now head up Arizona State University's student government, found that the best way to adjust to life after a mission was by participating in activities.

Paul Frost, 24, serves as president, and Paul Petersen, 23, as executive vice president of Associated Students of ASU. Both are seniors and both have remained active after their missions, serving in Church callings.

"Involvement is the key," said Brother Petersen of the Mesa 28th Ward, Mesa Arizona North Stake, who within a week of returning home from serving in the Micronesia Guam Mission, was back in classes at the university.

"I think the fact that I went right back to school helped me," he said. "And I got involved in extracurricular activities, like student government."

Brother Frost, who attends the on-campus University 4th Ward, Tempe Arizona West Stake, also believes that the transition was easier because he got involved.

Immediately after his mission to Tacoma, Wash., where he learned and spoke Vietnamese, he returned to his hometown of Showlow, Ariz., where he attended college classes and was involved in band and choir.

Six months later he enrolled at ASU, moved on campus, and got involved with the institute program.

Brother Frost also credits his parents, Gibb and Laurie Frost, for helping to make the transition easier. "They talked to me about my mission and asked me what it was like," he said. "There were also times that I studied the scriptures with my dad. Those times were really meaningful to me.

Brother Petersen agreed that while getting involved in school and other activities can really help in the transition, it is also important not to get too busy that there isn't time for Church callings and commitments.

"It's really important to set aside time for Church participation," he said. "I found out that I can be busier in my life, but more effective, if I'm doing the basic things of the gospel and have a calling."

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