New stake presidencies

Three new stakes have been created, in Idaho, Japan and the Philippines.

The Ginowan Japan Stake, which includes the Futenma, Ginowan, Nago, Okinawa, and Urazoe wards, and the Ishikawa and Kadena branches, has been created by Elder L. Lionel Kendrick of the Seventy.

The Hayden Lake Idaho Stake has been created by Elder Harold G. Hillam of the Presidency of the Seventy. It includes the Dalton Gardens, Hayden Lake 1st and 2nd, Kellogg, and Lakeland 1st and 2nd wards, and the Post Falls 3rd and Wallace branches,

The Lucena Philippines Stake, which includes the Candelaria, Lucban, and Lucena 1st, 2nd and 3rd wards, and the Barra, Pagbilao and Sariaya branches, has been created by Elder Val R. Christensen of the Seventy.

Elsewhere, stakes have been reorganized in Brazil and Japan, and in Idaho and Utah.


GINOWAN JAPAN STAKE: (Jan. 24, 1999) Created from the Naha Okinawa Japan Stake. President — Yashitaka Asato, 39, vice manager and teacher of Niji Gakuen (Private School); wife, Atsuko Tomihara Asato. Counselors — Hiroshi Kinjo, 40, regional coordinator for Church Educational System; wife, Takako Asato Kinjo. Takashi Iha, 47, criminal investigator; wife, Emiko Kinjo Iha.

HAYDEN LAKE IDAHO STAKE: (Feb. 7, 1999) Created from the Coeur D'Alene Idaho Stake. President — Ronald B. McIntire, 62, owner and president of Super I Foods; wife, Joanne Raye Woolf McIntire. Counselors — Lloyd J. Calderwood, 51, works in agronomy sales for Rhone Poulenc Agromony; wife, Deborah Sheldon Calderwood. Duane R. Lloyd, 45, self-employed with Northern Marble & Onyx; wife, Sharlene Lee Lloyd.

LUCENA PHILIPPINES STAKE: (Dec. 13, 1998) Created from the Lucban Philippines and Lucena Philippines districts. President — David D. Sanglap, 41, general manager for ELS Fishing Enterprises; wife, Maria Panaligau Perez Sanglap. Counselors — Joel Christopher Ilagan, 38, coordinator for Church Educational System; wife, Maria Stella Degollacion Tan Ilagan. Reynaldo Balcorza AlPuerto, 30, instructor for Southern Union Polytechnic College; wife, Maria Tetlesita Abuel Gaela AlPuerto.


BRIGHAM YOUNG UNIVERSITY 6TH STAKE: (Feb. 7, 1999) President — Eric L. Denna, 41, vice president of information technology for BYU, succeeding Joseph A. Cannon; wife, Lyn Hoggan Denna. Counselors — Bradley L. Edgington, 42, self-employed counseling psychologist; wife, Stacey Homer Edgington. Roger D. Dudley, 54, president and owner of Dudley & Associates Inc.; wife, Suzanne Carlston Dudley.

CAXIAS DO SUL BRAZIL STAKE: (Dc. 6, 1998) President — Leonidas Bittencourt Da Cruz, 34, accountant for federal justice system, succeeding Alvacir Luiz Siedschlag; wife, Rosimeri da Silva Bittencourt Da Cruz. Counselors — Roberto Allen Costa Da Silva, 31, programmer for Medical Industrial Cola Ltda.; wife, Teresinha Adelaide Zoff Da Silva. Caio Cadorin, 27, business representative for Avelino Bragagnolo S.A.; wife, Denise Cristina Da Silva Cadorin.

COEUR D'ALENE IDAHO STAKE: (Feb. 7, 1999) President — James A. Smidt, 38, president of Alliance Underwriting, succeeding Ronald Bruce McIntire; wife, Sherene Kay Ball Smidt. Counselors — Kendall C. Hansen, 38, compliance manager for Crown Pacific; wife, Mary Kathryn Meeker Hansen. R. Ladd Livingston, 58, supervisor of the inspection and disease section and forest entomologist for Idaho Department of Lands; wife, Nyleen Melton Livingston.

CURITIBA BRAZIL STAKE: (Feb. 7, 1999) President — Joaquim Lourenco De Oliveira, 44, coordinator for Church Educational System, succeeding Eduardo Jose Piechnik; wife, Arabela Lemes Lourengo de Oliveira. Counselors — Francisco De Assis Souza, 46, chemical engineer for Paranaense Energy Company; wife, Elaine Mara Goncalves Souza. Raul Dantas Da Filho Silva, 34, assembly mechanic for Yok Equipment S.A.; wife, Rita De Cassia DaMaso Soares Dantas Da Silva.

CURITIBA BRAZIL PORTAO STAKE: (Jan. 31, 1999) President — Darlo Torno, 55, technical director for Arcopar, succeeding Pedro Brassanini; wife, Carmen Guiomar Da Costa Torno. Counselors — Miled Latif Mechaileh, retained. Cesar Schmeil, 35, associate manager for CB Segs Agent; wife, Rossela Koligoski Schmeil.

NAHA JAPAN STAKE (FORMERLY NAHA JAPAN OKINAWA STAKE): (Jan. 24, 1999) President — Masayuki Kinjo, 54, prosecutor for Naha district prosecutor's office, succeeding Yafuso Akira; wife, Fumiko Shinjo Kinjo. Counselors — Masahiro Yonamine, 48, president of Sachiko Travel; wife, Sachiko Kinjo Yonamine. Tadashi Kina, 46, teacher at Okinawa Shogaku Junior High School; wife, Hiroko Jahana Kina.

OREM UTAH PARK STAKE: (Feb. 14, 1999) President — Randall L. Hall, 48, zone administrator for Church Educational System, succeeding Richard C. Eddy; wife, Lloya Frey Hall. Counselors — Kenneth E. Brailsford, 54, owner of Keb Enterprises L.P.; wife, Linda Elaine Hughes Brailsford. Clair S Harmon, 41, self-employed; wife, Ellen Hansen Harmon.

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