Auditions to be held for chorale

Auditions will be held soon for the newly or-ganized Temple Square Chorale and Training School, which was formed when the Church reorganized the musical performing groups that serve on Temple Square.

Church members interested in singing with the Tabernacle Choir must first audition for the chorale and training school. Applicants must be members of the Church between the ages of 25 and 55, and have good choral skills and a history of singing with organized choral groups. Application requests will be limited to two brief periods each year, the first week in July and the first week in January.

Singers selected on the basis of their written applications will be required to complete a three-step audition process, which includes a taped submission, music skills inventory and live audition. A final selection will be made from those who successfully complete all three portions of the audition.

Those selected to participate in this session of the Temple Square Chorale will rehearse and perform for three months, from mid-January through mid-April, under the direction of Mack Wilberg, an associate director of the Tabernacle Choir.

The chorale will be composed of both new applicants and selected, experienced members of the Tabernacle Choir.

The chorale will rehearse on Tuesday evenings from 7:30 to 9:30 p.m. in the Assembly Hall on Temple Square. In addition, chorale members will participate in a special music training school on Thursday evenings to be taught by Jerold Ottley, Tabernacle Choir conductor, and JoAnn Ottley, the choir's current voice coach.

The training school will also feature several guest instructors. This chorale session will culminate with an April performance scheduled as part of the ongoing Temple Square Concert Series.

Those who successfully complete service with the Temple Square Chorale become eligible to audition for the Tabernacle Choir. A separate audition process for Tabernacle Choir openings will follow completion of each semi-annual session of the Temple Square Chorale and Training School.

Applicants should contact the Tabernacle Choir offices by telephoning (801) 240-4150 during the first week of July (July 1-9) to request audition information. The next application period will be the first week of January 2000, for auditions for the second chorale session that will run from mid-July through mid-October of 2000. Chorale sessions will be conducted twice a year on an ongoing basis.

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