Angel Moroni statue tops Detroit temple

BLOOMFIELD HILLS, Mich. — Crowds gathered in the early morning hours on July 8 to witness the placement of the Angel Moroni statue atop the spire of the Detroit Michigan Temple.

The placing of the statue on the temple drew more than 800 members of the Detroit Michigan Temple district who watched what many consider the "crowning phase" of temple construction.

"Being here today and seeing this breathtaking statue of the Angel Moroni being raised to the top of the temple was something I didn't want my children to miss," said Susie Castro, one of the many spectators.

"We look to this temple-building time with excitement, but most important we will look back having gained an understanding of the sacrifice and faith it has taken to have a temple in our midst."

Recalling childhood memories of living near the Los Angeles Temple, Sister Castro, a member of the Plymouth Ward, Westland Michigan Stake, remembered how blessed she was to have a temple so close. "We have prayed to have a temple in Michigan. Today, we are looking at a tangible reply to prayers."

Excitement mounted as members waited and watched throughout the morning while construction workers secured the spire and maneuvered the statue to its appropriate position atop the temple.

As the angelic figure was placed, a hushed reverence fell over those assembled. Soon the moving strains of "The Spirit of God" rose above the crowd as the gold-leaf statue stood against a deep blue sky and gleamed in the midday sun.

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