This week in Church history

50 years ago

A member of President Harry S. Truman's Cabinet, Secretary of Commerce Charles Sawyer, toured the Church's Welfare Square in Salt Lake City and called it "wonderful," according to the Oct. 2, 1949, Church News.

The visit came during the previous week's Utah Retail Grocers' Association convention where Sawyer delivered an address.

The article reported, "During the visit to Utah's capital, Secretary Sawyer conferred with President George Albert Smith and was directed on a visit to Welfare Square by Elder Marion G. Romney, an assistant to the Council of the Twelve, and assistant managing director of the Church Welfare Program."

It continued, "The cabinet official was shown all features of the program on the square, being conducted through the storehouse, the sewing center, cannery, root cellar, storage rooms and the huge grain elevator."

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