New stake presidencies

Two stakes have been created in the Philippines.

The Agoo Philippines Stake, which includes the Agoo 1st, 2nd and 3rd, Damortis, and Rosario wards, has been created by Elder Duane B. Gerrard of the Seventy.

The Cagayan De Oro Philippines West Stake, which includes the Alubijid, Bulua, Initao, Iponan, and Patag wards, and the Gitagum, Manticao, and Naawan branches, has been created by Elder Val R. Christensen of the Seventy.

Elsewhere, stakes have been reorganized in Alberta, Honduras, Mexico and the Philippines, and in Arizona, California, Idaho, New Jersey, Philadelphia, Tennessee, Utah, and Wyoming.

New stakes

AGOO PHILIPPINES STAKE: (Aug. 22, 1999) Created from the Aringay Philippines, San Fabian Philippines, and San Fernando La Union Philippines Stakes. President — Ricardo Castillo Lopez, 39, senior water resource facilities technician for NIA-Provincial Irrigation Office; wife,Cristeta Milana Basallo Lopez. Counselors — Melchon Villagracia Laceste, 35, teacher; wife, Maria Teresa Tumbaga Rulloda Laceste Bonifacio Nabua Baloran, 36, court aide for office of the Clerk of the Court of the Regional Trial Court; wife, Excelia Fangonil Garcia Baloran.

CAGAYAN DE ORO PHILIPPINES WEST STAKE: (May 16, 1999) Created from the Cagayan De Oro Philippines Stake, and Initao Philippines District. President — Harry W. Tenestrante, 38, operations and maintenance supervisor for Church Area office; wife, Eglantink Loquias Kawaling Tenestrante. Counselors — Isabelito J. Valdeo, 40, operations and maintenance inspector for Church area office; wife, Julia Dolalas Lucena Valdeo. Feliciano A. Santos Jr., 33, mission aide for Church Area office; wife, Grace Rebuta Villahermosa Santos.

Stake reorganizations

CALDWELL NEW JERSEY STAKE: (Sept. 19, 1999) President — Dale Alan Johnson, 40, vice president of Apex Communications; succeeding Richard Thomas DuBois; wife, Rachelle Oldham Johnson. Counselors — Phillip Clark Thomas, 50, chief executive officer for Dynamics Imaging Inc.; wife, Sherrine Larsen Thomas. Rafael Cesar Garcia, 66, retired from Holy Name Hospital as endoscopy technician; wife, Aleida Mercedes Valdes Garcia.

FARMINGTON UTAH SOUTH STAKE: (Sept. 12, 1999) President — Richard L. McKenna, 42, manager for LDS Church Welfare Services; succeeding J. Leon Sorenson; wife, Wendy Lyn Goodrich McKenna. Counselors — David A. Bell, 48, chief executive officer and president of In-Line Diagnostics; wife, Mary Ellen Stettler Bell. Phillip L. Squires, 45, self-employed general contractor; wife, Barbara James Squires.

LETHBRIDGE ALBERTA STAKE: (Sept. 19, 1999) President — Gordon Ray Gedlaman, 48, math instructor for Lethbridge Community College; succeeding John Duane Oviatt; wife, Linda Margaret Litchfield Gedlaman. Counselors — D. G. Brett Jensen, 49, instructor at Lethbridge Community College; wife, Judith Laura Brittner Jensen. W. Glen Baker, 47, chief finance officer for Cage Logistics; wife, Judith Elaine Harris Baker.

LOGAN UTAH CENTRAL STAKE: (Sept. 19, 1999) President — Robert Louis B. Stevenson Sr., 51, self-employed audiologist; succeeding Glen M. Roylance; wife, Mildred Mickey Charmbury Stevenson. Counselors — Ernest W. Knowles, 57, president of Akacolor Inc.; wife, Myrna Jean Secrist Knowles. Michael H. Morrill, 38, national sales manager for Icon Health & Fitness; wife, Sarah Mae Eves Morrill.

LOS ALTOS CALIFORNIA STAKE: (Sept. 12, 1999) President — David L. Lowe, 52, attorney; succeeding Larry Lee Hansen; wife, Anita Christine Bell Lowe. Counselors — Gene H. Lamoreaux, 47, director of engineering for KLA-Tencor; wife, Gretchen Majel Gebhard Lamoreaux. Lynn J. Bennion, 57, medical director of Camino Medical Group and endocrinologist; wife, Margaret Gene Hinckley Bennion.

LOVELL WYOMING STAKE: (Sept. 19, 1999) President — Ronald Mickelson Morrison, 63, public accountant for Morrison & Morrison Inc.; succeeding Randall Dee Peterson; wife, Beverly Taylor Morrison. Counselors — Jack Wilmer Nicholls, 53, postmaster for U.S. Postal Service; wife, Sharalyne Tippetts Nicholls. Douglas Vernon Savage Jr., 40, director of public works for Town of Lovell; wife, Robyn Anderson Savage.

MEMPHIS TENNESSEE STAKE: (Sept. 19, 1999) President — Robert G. McBride, 42, vice president and owner of State Systems Inc.; succeeding Darrel K. Danielsen; wife, Nancy Wells Moore McBride. Counselors — Craig Jay Langstraat, retained. G. Richard Moore, 49, dentist; wife, Margaret Suzanne Hitchcock Moore.

MOUNTAIN HOME IDAHO STAKE: (Sept. 19, 1999) President — Garth A. Waddoups, 38, veterinarian for Knight Veterinary Clinic; succeeding J. Terry Field; wife, Carolyn Niederhauser Waddoups. Counselors — Bruce R. Peterson, 52, teacher; wife, Jolynn Young Peterson. Arnold Howard Hipwell, 43, self-employed farmer; wife, Joyce Hale Lemon Hipwell.

OAKLEY IDAHO STAKE: (Sept. 12, 1999) President — W. Gary Whiteley, 60, self-employed farmer; succeeding E. Lamar Sanders; wife, Eileene Connolly Whiteley. Counselors — William E. Garrard, 55, self-employed farmer; wife, Sandra Lee Beck Garrard. Kent R. Searle, 47, self-employed farmer and dairyman; wife, Marilyn Mitchell Searle.

PHILADELPHIA PENNSYLVANIA STAKE: (Sept. 19, 1999) President — R. Brent Olson, 52, attorney for Merck & Co. Inc.; succeeding John R. Crawford; wife, Dianne Mickelsen Olson. Counselors — Clifford L. Alexander, 41, manager of training and education for Bristol Myers Squibb; wife, Lisa Hansen Alexander. Richard H. Storm, 52, mental health administrator for Pennsylvania Deptartment of Public Welfare; wife, Carol Jean Lusk Storm.

PHOENIX ARIZONA EAST STAKE: (Sept. 19, 1999) President — Darwin Nelson Davis, 41, dentist; succeeding Lynn R. Hatch; wife, Susan Alger Davis. Counselors — Paul Burbank Hatch, 68, retired high school teacher and counselor; wife, Ruth Adele Steele Hatch. Floyd Abraham Thompson, 41, sergeant for Phoenix Police Department; wife, Julia Ann VanWagoner Thompson.

PROVO UTAH SHARON EAST STAKE: (Sept. 19, 1999) President — James A. Toronto, 48, assistant professor at BYU; succeeding H. Reese Hansen; wife, Diane Gillett Toronto. Counselors — Richard Israel Heaton, 43, director of training and field services for Church Missionary Department; wife, Valerie Andersen Heaton. Thomas Edward Mullen, 44, development officer for Church/LDS Foundation; wife, Susan Marie Owen Mullen.

PUEBLA MEXICO VALSEQUILLO STAKE: (Sept. 12, 1999) President — Edgar Flores P., 38, general director of education promotions; succeeding Alejandro Gomez Moreno; wife, Gabriela Aurora Torrentera R. de Flores. Counselors — Guillermo Trujillo T., 33, employed in sales department of Kagima; wife, Diana Molleda C. de Trujillo. Jose Cirino Campos L., 32, general accountant for Kagima; wife, Silvia Paron R. de Campos.

ROSALES PHILIPPINES STAKE: (Sept. 19, 1999) President — Geronimo T. Somoray, 29, owner and manager of Gordon Saves Maintenance Services; succeeding Emmanuel Vallejo Damasco; wife, Arlene Agpoon Pagaoa Somoray. Counselors — Renato L. Moreno, 41, utility worker; wife, Rosalia Navarro Osalla Moreno. Daniel D. Cabanting, 25, medical representative for Zuellig Pharma Inc.; wife, Jocelyn Macaraeg Rodillas Cabanting.

SATELITE HONDURAS STAKE: (Aug. 29, 1999) President — Oscar A. Carias R., 42; succeeding Marvin Ivan Cudiel Castillo; wife, Damakis Bonilla C. de Carias. Counselors — Omar Antonio Rivera O., 41, self-employed; wife, Miriam Isabel Duron B. de Rivera. Oscar Enrique Portillo C., 32, administrator for factory store; wife, Silvia Pilar Serrano M. de Portillo.

URDANETA PHILIPPINES STAKE: (Aug. 29, 1999) President — Jose G. Manarin, 42, service center manager for Church area office; succeeding Bayani Martinez Caguioa; wife, Alice Aquino Dela Cruz Manarin. Counselors — David R. Alicando, 32, junior records specialist for Urdaneta Service Center; wife, Dolores Gay Barbero Pacapac Alicando. Anthony A. Bautista, 35, contractor for Steel Works and General Services; wife, Evangeline Pataray Laureto Bautista.

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