Family history moments: Taking one final step

The LDS missionaries came to our home when I was 10 years old. (I am now 85.) After a year's time, my mother and her nine children joined the Church.

Because we grew up in Minnesota in a city where we had no opportunity to meet young LDS men, I finally married outside of the Church.

Eventually we moved to a small town where my husband's parents lived, and raised our children there. After the grandparents died, I was the one who moved all their belongings out of their attic so the house could be sold. There, I found a shoebox with 80 names written beautifully in Norwegian, with births and deaths. I had hired a Norwegian researcher from Salt Lake City to do some research for me, but these names were not included.

My father-in-law was born in Bergen, Norway, and came to America at about age 19. He went back only once for a visit, so he probably never knew these names very well, as he lived much farther north in Norway.

In 1961, my husband joined the Church, and after his parents died and our girls were married, we decided to move to Nampa, Idaho, where some of my family were living.

My husband died of a heart attack in 1980. We were both working in the Church record extraction program extracting German records at the time of his death. In 1984, a temple was dedicated in Boise, Idaho, and I was asked to be a worker, which I did for several years. During that time, I rediscovered those 80 names in a closet. With help from a Norwegian member of the Church, I was able to submit the names for temple work. Three of my sisters and I did work for the female names, and the male names were done by men of my ward. It brought me great joy to finally have temple work done for all these names.

Deep in my heart, I often wondered whether a non-LDS man in Norway would ever know the work he had done needed further work in an LDS temple, and that work would eventually be done by me and others. But, of course, I know he was led by the Holy Spirit. — Sara C. Hovig, Nampa 5th Ward, Nampa Idaho South Stake

Another in a series of "Family History Moments." Illustration by John Clark.

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