Family history project unites distant siblings

VIENNA, Austria — Among the many fruits of the LDS family history series with the Neue Kronen Zeitung, Church volunteers tell of siblings who were reunited.

The reunion involves a woman, Elisabeth Brich, who had never met her father, Peter, before he died. She was born in the early 1940s shortly after her father left for World War II. During the war, he was captured and held in a Siberian prison. He wrote loving letters and looked to the day when he could see his new daughter.

But before he returned, the mother and daughter received news that the father was dead.

Elisabeth's mother remarried as they went on with their lives. Many years later, they received notice that Peter was actually alive in Germany. But distances were great and they were unable to re-unite before both parents died.

Eager to learn something of her father and his family in Germany, Mrs. Brich visited the family history center in Vienna for assistance. She learned that she had a half-sister and brother.

The newspaper arranged for the siblings to meet by flying the German siblings to Vienna.

"I will never forget the wonderful support I received," Mrs. Brich said, while hugging her sister Liselotte Palmhof at the airport.

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