LDS volunteer in aftermath of killer tornadoes in Georgia

CAMILLA, Ga. — In the aftermath of tornadoes that ripped through southern Georgia Feb. 14, members were joining with others in assessing damage and tending to the needs of victims.

Although an estimated 22 were killed and dozens injured, no Latter-day Saints have been reported hurt. As of Feb. 15, one LDS family in the Moultrie Branch of the Albany Georgia Stake, which includes the afflicted town of Camilla, may have lost their home. "We've got folks out checking on that," said branch President Lacy Douglas, who added that state emergency management officials were not allowing people into many afflicted areas because of hazards.

Camilla, in Mitchell County, is some 25 to 30 miles southwest of Moultrie, in adjacent Colquitt county in southern Georgia. The branch has 241 members, with about 40 in the Camilla area, said President Douglas.

"There have been calls for non-perishable food and clothing, and we're in the process of gathering that," he added. "Our members have been volunteering to help with clean-up [and] giving blood, which as been called for ."

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