New temple presidents

Hector and Dolores Ceballos

Hector Ceballos Luzanilla, 62, of the Pitic Ward, Hermosillo Mexico Pitic Stake, called as president of the new Hermosillo Sonora Temple, which will be dedicated Feb. 27. President Ceballos' wife, Dolores Audelia Uribe Cons de Ceballos, will serve as temple matron. President Ceballos served as temple president's counselor, president of the Mexico Tampico Mission, regional representative, and district and branch president. A retired director of teaching in a preparatory school, he received a degree in education and history. He was born in Bacobampo, Mexico, to Rafael Ceballos Lopez and Argelia Luzanilla Nolasco de Ceballos. Sister Ceballos is a former assistant temple matron, stake Relief Society president, ward Primary president and teacher. She has a degree in education. She was born in Nacozari de Garcia, Mexico, to Manuel Uribe Garcia and Dolores Cons Flores.

Vera and Gerald Pratt

Gerald Merrell Pratt, 75, called as president of the new Ciudad Juarez Mexico Temple, which will be dedicated Feb. 26-27. President Pratt's wife, Vera Whetten Pratt, will serve as temple matron. President Pratt is a stake patriarch and former stake president, area welfare agent, high councilor and bishop. He is a rancher and retired business manager. He was born in Colonia Dublan, Mexico, to Ira Wilcken and Marybelle Merrell Pratt. Sister Pratt is a former counselor in stake Young Women's presidency, ward Young Women and Primary president and activities committee chairman. She was born in Colonia Chuichupa, Mexico, to James Elbert and Lillie O'Donnal Whetten.

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