'A sanctuary loved by the Saints'

      Following are excerpts from the dedicatory prayer for the Memphis Tennessee Temple given by President James E. Faust, second counselor in the First Presidency, on April 23, 2000. The full text of the prayer can be found on the Church News Web site:

      "This house is sacred unto us. It has come of our love for Thee and of our love for Thy Son. Wilt Thou accept it and bless it. We pray that Thou wilt be pleased with it. We ask that it may ever be a sanctuary loved by Thy Saints. May they be grateful for Thy beneficent, prospering hand upon them, which has made possible the construction of this and many other temples in this season of Thy work. . . .

      "We are grateful for this nation whose Constitution and laws protect us in our worship. May these precious liberties never be lost to the people. May they be safeguarded and kept secure from those who would destroy the precious boon of freedom of worship. . . .

      "Bless Thy servants who are responsible for the direction of Thy work in all the world. May they ever serve together in perfect harmony. Wilt Thou cause the spirit of revelation to come down upon them as they struggle with the many problems with which they have to deal.

      "Now Father, we thank Thee for this temple. It is an answer to our prayers. It will enrich the lives of countless thousands who will here seek blessings for themselves and stand as proxies in behalf of those who have passed beyond. May hearts leap with joy, and may smiles of satisfaction come to the faces of all who labor herein as they carry forward Thy work of salvation and exaltation."


WEEK ENDING APRIL 29, 2000 -- 5

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