Missionaries sing 50 years later

GLOUCESTER, N.C. — Five missionaries who sang as "the Utah Centennial Quartet" in North Carolina, Virginia and West Virginia in 1949 came back together 50 years later and performed in several wards in North Carolina, said Hugh Erwin, one of the singers.

The missionaries performed at a time when such activities were approved for missionaries. "We sang in hundreds of school assemblies, civic clubs, on radio and on television," said Brother Erwin, who left his home state of Arizona after he retired to return to North Carolina. "On one occasion we sang in Madison Square Garden." The group also sang at the unveiling ceremony of the Brigham Young statue in the Hall of Fame in the nation's Capitol building, with President George Albert Smith in attendance.

In the recent tour, five men now in their seventies sang at four wards, which had overflow audiences. The singers, Robert Owens, Kenneth Noble, Serge Huff, Bernard Tanner and Brother Erwin, "have been blessed with good health and strong, mature and enduring testimonies," said Brother Erwin. "The same loving Spirit which we felt so strongly 50 years ago is still alive and well in the hearts of the saints today."

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