On the bright side

Our family had gathered at the Jordan River Utah Temple for the wedding of our granddaughter. Our son-in-law, Jim, in traveling to Utah, had somehow misplaced one of his shoes. Under these circumstances and despite his embarrassment, he had to wear a pair of white tennis shoes to the temple.

After the ceremony, we were in front of the temple taking family pictures when suddenly a young mother screamed. Her car, with three children inside, was accelerating backwards toward an older couple, and behind them was a drop-off of several feet with two parked cars and a fire hydrant. She frantically tried to hold onto the car by its front bumper.

Without hesitation, Jim sprinted to the driver's side of the car, jumped in, slammed on the brakes, and, with tires screeching, stopped the rushing car.

We don't recommend wearing tennis shoes for temple attendance, but this one time, we, and several others, are grateful Jim did. — Melvin D. Danielson, Atascadero, California

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