Messages of inspiration from President Hinckley

Excerpts from addresses given by President Gordon B. Hinckley.

Biblical church

We are sometimes told that we are not a biblical church. We are a biblical church. This wonderful testament of the Old World, this great and good Holy Bible is one of our standard works. We teach from it. We bear testimony of it. We read from it. It strengthens our testimony. And we add to that this great second witness, the Book of Mormon, the testament of the New World, for as the Bible says, "In the mouths of two or three witnesses shall all things be established" (Matthew 18:16).

— Atlanta, Ga., regional conference, May 17, 1998

Believe in virtue

We live in a world filled with filth and sleaze and dirt of all kinds. The pornography merchants grow rich while they destroy the characters and lives of those who imbibe of their filthy brew. Believe in virtue! It is the only way to happiness! It is the only way to peace in one's heart. It is the only way of feeling right before the Lord and before one another.

— From Burlington, Vt., member meeting, Oct. 14, 1998

Beliefs govern actions

We get on our knees and we ask the Lord to help us live in obedience to His commandments. We get on our feet and resolve to be better people than we were when we knelt down. Our beliefs will govern our actions. God help us to be those who are not faithless, but believing!

— Burlington, Vt., member meeting, Oct. 14, 1998

Gift of priesthood

Every man in this Church who has been ordained an elder or a high priest ought to be a man of virtue, truth, integrity, honesty and neighborliness, with a good family life. It is entirely incompatible for a man who holds this priesthood to ever abuse his wife. It is incompatible for a man to hold this priesthood and ever abuse his children. It just does not match up that a man who holds this priesthood would cheat his neighbor, or misuse or abuse his employees, or anything of the kind. You are sons of God, who carry His divine authority. To you He has given the precious gift of the priesthood of God, the priesthood after the order of the Son of God. There is nothing greater upon the face of the whole earth. Never stoop to something that will take from you the dignity, the honor, the power of the priesthood of God. Let us look inside ourselves a little and determine whether we are doing everything that we ought to do to be holders of this great and marvelous and wonderful [priesthood].

— Richmond, Va., member meeting, Nov. 14, 1998

Love one another

We have no quarrel with those of other Churches. I believe, sincerely, that every church does good. I am grateful for their efforts and for all they do that leads to improvement. We say to those of other faiths, "bring all the good that you have and come and let us see if we can add to that good," and that is our testimony and witness to them in this day and time in the history of the world.

— From Atlanta, Ga., regional conference, May 17, 1998

Moral cleanliness

Is there moral cleanliness in your life? Are you worthy to stand before the Lord, as it were, as you enter His Holy House. Do you shun and stay away from pornography and all of the other sleaze and evil and dirt and filth that are sweeping over the world like a flood? You cannot go to the House of the Lord and have confirmed upon you by the Holy Spirit of Promise the blessings there to be had if your lives are saturated with that kind of filth, my brothers and sisters.

— Lowell, Mass., member meeting, Oct. 15, 1998

Qualities of a missionary

The Lord bless you with His Holy Spirit to guide you, to direct you, to prompt you, to protect you. May He bless you with the light of the gospel in your lives, and in your hearts, and on your faces. May He bless you with faith and with testimony that you will carry with you as long as you live, that you will be the kind of men and women who are "graduates" of the mission field, where you learn to work hard, where you set a pattern of values, where you try to work in the name of the Lord in all that you do, where you put on the whole armor of God and march forth as sons and daughters of God, carrying the gospel of salvation to all who will listen to you. It is a wonderful privilege that you have.

— Houston, Texas, missionary meeting, Sept. 20, 1998

Sons, daughters of God

Believe in God our Eternal Father, the Father of us all. He is our Father. We are His children. Therefore, we are all brothers and sisters, and we ought to treat one another as brothers and sisters. It matters not the color of our skin. It matters not the land from which we come. We are all sons and daughters of God who have within us something of a divine birthright, something of divinity that speaks in brotherhood and sisterhood with all throughout the world. To me it is a miraculous and wonderful thing that I can get on my knees and lift my voice to the God of heaven with the assurance in my heart, that He, the great governor of the universe, will hear and listen and answer.

— Chicago, Ill., member meeting, Oct. 18, 1998

Temple marriage

There is a bond of affection that exists between husbands and wives which makes us know that there is nothing more precious than that companionship which becomes possible only in the House of the Lord. . . . What a wonderful thing it is to go there to be married for time and for all eternity. What a precious and marvelous and wonderful thing that is. What a blessing. There is no other organization on the earth that can make that kind of a promise.

— From Worcester, Mass., member meeting, Oct. 16, 1998


Concerning the payment of tithing, it is the Lord's law. He has given the commandments. He has made the promise. He has the power to fulfill the promise. It is my testimony that He does so. It takes faith when we feel that we do not have enough, but He has promised that the windows of heaven will be opened and a blessing poured down upon us. Let us put our faith in Him. Let us try Him. Let us take Him at His word. Let us keep His commandments. Let us walk in righteousness before the Lord as men and women of integrity, of honesty, of industry and of faith.

— Managua, Nicaragua, member meeting, Nov. 19, 1998

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