New stake presidencies

The Moscow Idaho University Stake, which includes the Moscow University 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th, and Pulman University 1st and 2nd wards, has been created by Elder F. Melvin Hammond of the Seventy.

Elsewhere, stakes have been reorganized in Australia, Chile and Japan, and in New Mexico and Utah.


MOSCOW IDAHO UNIVERSITY STAKE: (April 23, 2000) Created from the Pullman Washington Stake. President — Jack Evan McPhie, 55, internal loan representative for Washington Mutual Bank; wife, Tina Martin McPhie. Counselors — Larry W. VanTassell, 46, department head for Department of Agricultural Economics at the University of Idaho; wife, Debra Rae Moody VanTassell. Kip Whitney Jenkins, 48, institute director for Church Educational System; wife, Cheri Lee Howard Jenkins.


LAS CRUCES NEW MEXICO STAKE: (April 16, 2000) President — Kelly W. Allred, 51, professor at New Mexico State University; succeeding Dennis L. Payne; wife, Lynda Sue Street Allred. Counselors — John E. Call, 51, sales and technical manager for National Onion Inc.; wife, Mary Lynn Atkin Call. H. Samuel Cluff, 52, coordinator and institute director for Church Educational System; wife, Mona Strate Cluff.

MAGNA UTAH CENTRAL STAKE: (April 16, 2000) President — Antone John Elegante, 51, sales representative for Bickmore Carpets; succeeding E. Gaynor Pearson; wife, Penny Lee Ivie Elegante. Counselors — Craig A. Bliss, 46, paralegal manager for Kirton & McCon-kie; wife, Janet Lynn Reeves Bliss. Steven L. Cottam, 48, operations manager for Kitchen Specialities; wife, Sherrie Leavitt Cottam.

OVALLE CHILE STAKE: (March 5, 2000) President — Alfredo Alfonso Castillo R., 36, carpenter for Inca Company; succeeding Gerardo Osvaldo Schmelzer Roman; wife, Maria Isabel Vigorena R. de Castillo. Counselors — Yerko A. Callejas Alvarado, retained. Ricardo Enrique Cortes C., 32, mining laborer for Tamaya Mining Company; wife, Carmen Gustavina Galleguillos R. de Cortes.>

SYDNEY AUSTRALIA HEBERSHAM STAKE: (April 16, 2000) President — Johnny L. Leota, 33, multi-language supervisor for Church area office; succeeding Herbert J. Pressler; wife, Betty Tofia Leota. Counselors — Lauren B. Davison, 31, business systems analyst for OPSM Australia; wife, Gina Willcocks Davison. Richard L. Whitmarsh, 30, help desk team leader for CISCO Systems; wife, Rachel Leigh Nicholls Whitmarsh.>

TOKYO JAPAN SOUTH STAKE: (April 16, 2000) President — Lee A. Daniels, 43, president and chief executive officer for Titus Communications; succeeding Mamoru Ogata; wife, Terry Lyn Park Daniels. Counselors — Dale G. Thompson, 41, president of Kellogg's; wife, Joyce Peggy Sadowski Thompson. Richard L. Folsom, 39, representative partner for Advantage Partners; wife, Yukiko Kudo Folsom.>

YOKOHAMA JAPAN STAKE: (April 16, 2000) President — Yukio Kumazawa, 48, Member and Statistical Records supervisor for Church area office; succeeding Dai Endou; wife, Hideko Shimizu Kumaza. Counselors — Mitsuyasu Taguchi, 55, councilor of real estate for Nisseki Fudosan; wife, Hitomi Nagasono Taguchi. Haruo Itakura, 51, construction coordinator for Ota City Office; wife, Keiko Yokoyama Itakura.

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