Youth join congress of families

LETHBRIDGE, Alberta — Dozens of LDS youth participated in a World Congress of Families regional youth event held here April 28-29.

More than 400 people attended the event, known as the World Congress of Families Millennium Youth Assembly.

During the two-day conference, youth of all faiths and nationalities worked together to rally support for the natural family. Richard Wilkins, managing director of BYU's World Family Policy Center, spoke at the sessions, along with many prominent international and Canadian pro-family leaders.

The youth attending were dedicated to protecting and promoting the natural family, traditional marriage, religious freedoms, family values, human life and the importance of parenthood, said Kim Malacko, the director of "Youth For Action," the youth group that planned the assembly with another youth group, "Youth Making a Difference."

Sister Malacko, a member of the Lethbridge 5th Ward, Lethbridge Alberta Stake, said during the conference youth were divided into five groups and given the opportunity to learn about United Nations' policies affecting families.

At the conclusion of the conference, she said, many youth were passionate about what they had learned and were interested in continuing their support of the natural family.

"These youth are willing to get out there and try to make a difference," she said.

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