Nashville Tennessee Temple facts and figures

Location: Franklin, Tenn., about 15 miles south of Nashville, at 1150 Gray Fox Lane near Mack Hatcher Parkway.

Temple presidency: Burl McClurgh, president; Bill Eaves and Keith Clemens, counselors.

Rooms: Celestial Room, two endowment rooms, two sealing rooms and a baptistry.

Size: 10,850 square feet.

Exterior: White Imperial Danby marble.

Architect: Joyce Prout & Associates.

Contractor: Layton Construction Co.

District: More than 23,000 Latter-day Saints in parts of Kentucky and Tennessee.

Schedule: Opened May 22, 2000. Two sessions daily, Tuesday through Friday, five sessions Saturday.

Pertinent facts: Announced Nov. 9, 1994, revision announced April 25, 1998; ground broken March 13, 1999; open house held May 6-13, 2000, excluding Sunday, May 7, with more than 24,300 attending; dedicated in four sessions May 21, 2000, by President James E. Faust; 6,052 in attendance.

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